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A Typical Requirement

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Our requirement is as follows:

I have finished product storage location

I have rail cars (container) for packing the finished product

I will use rail cars as for storage also

I will store the Finished product in rail cars(with our any sales order or delivery)

as and when I get requirement from the client ( Purchase order) I will create sales order and assign the rail car with finished product in delivery with ref to sales order

I should know what is my stock in storage location

I should know the stock available in the rail cars in my plant

I should know the stock in total (storage location+rail cars)

I should know the stock of empty rail cars in the plant

I should know the stock of rail cars of ours with the customer

when my rail car is filled with finished product with its full capacity , I should not able to transfer the finished product in that rail car which is already full in capacity.

How can i execute in SAP SD.

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Answers (1)

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You can achieve this using the Handling Unit Management. There is no one line answer for your requirement, however it is sure that this is managed through HU Management. You can go through the link

the information here will show you that your stock can be managed as HU, you can create your rail car as HU. There is a limitation to this functionality that rail cars which are not full cannot be stored in the same storage location as that of full rail cars(HUs)



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thanks a lot,

can you please let me know in detail not from the help.

how to use it, could you please write a short text and send me ASAP