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A/R Invoice Printing of all 4 copies should be by one printing command.

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I have made 4 PLD and of AR Invoice - ORIGINAL / DUPLICATE / TRIPLICATE / QUADUPLCATE haed coded on the PLD. The user wants that when he gives the print command all 4 copies should be printed.

do anyone know how to link 4 PLD together the same way when we see preview of AR Invoice with Serial No, it pops up 2 PLD. 1 - List of Serial Number and 2 - AR Invoice......

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What you could do is:

1. Create a formula that will based on CopyNumber() to get the number of the copy and get the ORIGINAL / DUPLICATE / TRIPLICATE.

2. Define the number of the copies for the document to be printer at Document properties.

Paulo Calado

SAP Business One Forums Team

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this should be done with small addon which when you print first layout will print next 3 layouts automatically. I think that other easier way doesnt exists.

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As per my knowledge, you can use only one PLD at a time.

But your requirement will be fullfilled with following way.

In one PLD at header part type all the option like

Original/Duplicate/Triplicate etc.,,

Print the document in one time with carbon paper or print multiple pages individually and then strike leave the relevant strike remaining manually.

Hope this will help you,


Venkatesan G.