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A problem of running Xl Report

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Why I can't run XL Report when I log in windows system with Guest Account while I can do it with Administrator account.It always prompt that the system lacks of COM component for XL Report

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear ,

thanks for contacting us.

Please check the following Note 853343 and tell me if it works on your side.



If you install Microsoft Office after installing the XL Reporter

application or use another Windows user than the one you used when

installing XL Reporter, you can get an error message.

Other terms

XLR, SBO, ilytix

Reason and Prerequisites

The reason for this is that the report writer COM Add-in has not been

loaded, which prohibits Microsoft Excel from running.


1. Start Microsoft Excel. If you already have the COM Add-ins command on

the Tools menu, go to step 7.

2. In the Tools menu, choose Customize.

This opens the Customize window.

3. Choose the Commands tab and select Tools from the Categories pane on

the left.

4. In the Command pane on the right, scroll down to the COM Add-ins


5. Select the COM Add-ins command, hold down the mouse button, and drag

COM Add-ins from the Commands pane over to the Tools menu on the

Microsoft Excel men bar. When the Tools menu commands appear, point to

where you want the COM Add-ins command to appear on the menu and release

the mouse button.

6. To close the Customize window, choose Close.

7. On the Tools menu, choose the new COM Add-ins option.

This opens the COM Add-ins window.

8. In the window, choose Add to open the Add Add-in window.

9. Select the IXXLReporter.dll file located in the Client directory in

the XL Reporter program installation area and choose OK.

10. In the COM Add-ins window, select the XL Reporter checkbox and

choose OK.



Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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Check this SAP Note 843566 Unable to load Excel COM add-in for XL Reporter as user


Also refer this thread


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The Excel instance for the Guest user will not have had the macro security settings & com add ins updated. The Guest will not have sufficient authorisation to do this. You could temporarily give guest the authorisation, then update Excel, and remove the authorisation, which should resolve the issue for future.

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Temporarily make guest as a administrator then from excel settings check "Enable all macros" and "Trust access to the VBA project object model".



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when I add administrator authority and then run the XL report,I still have the same problem.The only operation I don't follow you is to update the Excel.I don't know how to update the Excel.Can you tell me in detail

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Guest account will not have enough authorization to run ComAddIn registration. That is mandatory for any XLR new users