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A/P Invoice J.E

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In 3 A/P Invoices i have these type of entries , are these correct . Why is it showing differen in all 3.

Customer1 452443

input cst 2%

goods received but not in 0

stock in hand 442860

purchase offset A/c 8857

purchase domestic 8857

cartage inward 726

Customer2 255575

input vat 5 13310

goods received but not in 242000

loading charges 265

Customer3 318152

inout cst 2 0

goods recived but not in 282786

stock in hand 6238

purchase offset a/c 6238

purchase domestic 6238

incoming cenvat clg a/c 29128

I want to know in 1 & 3 why it has created purchase offset , & in third one it is showing very less amount in stock in hand & purchase domestic.

In first stock in hand has big amount. What is the reason


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Answers (4)

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In case of 1 you had directly create AP invoice of GRPO with 0 unit price hence stock account is effected. In case of 3 you had created GRPO and AP invoice but in AP invoice you had increase the rate so its booking the difference amount on those accounts like Stock,Purchase price diff & offset etc. while in 2nd case the unit price will be same so only GRNI account was there.

All the above entries are correct the only thing you can send us what debited & credited to check proper accounting effect.



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Hi RS....

Gordon is correct. Your terms are always quite confusing.

You have to also mention what is going debited and what is going credited......



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Please use standard term. AP is not for customer.They are vendors. For invoice 3, you probably had a GRPO. But for invoice 1, you don't have.