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999 line items issue per FI document

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Hello All, 

When we try to release billing document to accounting and getting an error message as 'max number of 999 line items' are generated message. I have googled it and didn't find the concrete answer and below options won't work for us and would like to know any other custom solution options are available. 

1. Split billing document into multiple billing document - This option is not acceptable option. 

2. Tried with Summarization profile but Material number is coming as blank in BSEG and we need material number in BSEG and other reports are using the BSEG table and we can't change it this one. 

Please let us know if we have any other options .

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Hell @sateeshkankanampati 

Refer to the note 3308049 - Error message F5 727 / F5727 overview / how-to scenarios for details and possible workarounds. 

If you are already on S/4HANA, see the note 2591291 - FAQ S/4HANA: Error F5 727 when posting via Accounting Interface

If SD billing document split is not an option, then see the note 2078335 - ECC FAQ: Error F5 727 when posting via Accounting Interface, point. 2.3. Document split in FI.

Best regards

Dominik Tylczynski

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Hi Dominik, 

Thanks for the quick response. We are in the ECC system and not in S/4 Hana.

I have checked the Summarization concept and won't work for us and we are in the Release 618 SP~0017 version.

There are few OSS notes mentioned in the below OSS note but those are not applicable to us.