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7% ICMS ST calculation discount in MFTZ (Manaus Free Trade Zone)

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Hello SAP Community Members

There is currently a need in SAP to properly calculate ICMS ST base calculation for MFTZ sales.

It is currently the value of the good minus the ICMS discount of 7%, reducing the tax base and becoming the product more competitive in terms of price avoiding ICMS ST overpayment.

This requirement is to adjust in SAP the ICMS ST calculation in order to consider a reduction of 7% in ICMS ST base amount used for sales to MFTZ, which is in accordance with MFTZ tax legislation.

SAP Solution is not currently supporting this legal requirement, so it is required to find a way to properly calculate this in SAP without creating differences between Sales Document and Billing Document.

Does anyone know if there was a similar need already and in case the answer is YES how it was addressed?

Appreciate any help that could be provided.

Best regards, Maikol M.

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I am certainly no expert in this area.  However, if I look in SAP online help, it appears to me that ICMS special treatment for Manaus is supported in the Brazil localization addin.

Best Regards,