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401K combined match on multiple plans

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The payroll calculates match is limited to each plan independent of any other plan. I am using the limit function on multiple plans since the match is a straight 4% of earnings.My issues is we are now having a tiered level match.How can I limit 401K, Roth and the catchup match with a 2 plan setup with a combined total election rule of 100% match on the first 3% and 50% match on the next 2 %.

Example old Match 401K 2% Roth 1.5% Catchup 1% . SAP would match for 3.5 +1 = 4.5%. The limit rule would reduce it down to 4%.With the new tier level sap would calculate 3.25 + 1 = 4.25% but the match should only be 3.25 + .50 = 3.75%.The current limit rule would over pay the match.

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