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Hello SD gurus,

Can u tell me

1. What documents are generated after saving Billing document?

2.While creating a Sales Order, Pricing procedure is not determined automatically, what could be the reason?

3.What is an ABAP Query? How is it different from ABAP reports?

4.How can we assign one credit limit to two customers?

5. How can we process outbound delivery without shipping point?

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Rajarshi,

<b>What documents are generated after saving Billing document?</b>

Accounting document is created by the system.

<b>While creating a Sales Order, Pricing procedure is not determined automatically, what could be the reason?</b>

Pricing Procedure is determined by Sales Area + Doc.Pric Proc + Cust Pric Proc.

The configuration can be done in [OVKK]. Check if you have an entry for the combination as explained below.

The Sales Area is picked from the Order Document that is being created. The Doc Prcing Proc is picked from the Sales Document Type [VOV8]. The Cust Pric Proc is picked from the cust master -> Sales Area View -> Sales Tab.

<b>What is an ABAP Query? How is it different from ABAP reports?</b>

ABAP query is used to create simple reports using simple joins and does not require programming knowledge. ABAP reports can be created using multiple tables and requires programming knowledge.

ABAP queries are created using [SQ01]. While ABAP reports are created using [SE38].

<b>How can we process outbound delivery without shipping point?</b>

It is not possible to create a delivery without a shipping point.



Answers (5)

Answers (5)

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For service item, i.e for statistical delivery, do we need specific shipping point?

One credit limit to two customer is not possible. if any specific scenario is there, just let us know we will try it.

For document genereted after billing, go to Help file, you will get the detail.

here is the documents get updated after billing

Customer accounts receivable

General ledger (for example, a cash clearing account)


Sales deductions

Accruals (for rebate agreements)

Accrual account

Accrual clearing account


If it helps.

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Hi Rajarshi,

1. After saving billing document, Accounting doument is generated in FI & customer accounts, sales acconts are updated.

2.Pricing procedure is determined by the following combination -

Sales areaDPPCPP+Pricing procedure.

Since a sales document is created wrt sales area, sales area triggers to determine the pricing procedure. If not the system proposes that...pricing procedure is not determined for the customer or sales area or for doument.

3. ABAP query is a program to generate a report based on the selected tables. ABAP reports are created if the requirment is to fetch the data of complicated logics. There will be no use of any logics in ABAP queyr. ABAP reports have the flexibility of generating reports with logics as per the requirement.


5. Any delivery must have a shipping point to execute. Shipping point is the base fior processing a delivery. I a not sure if delivery is created without a shipping point.



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tell me in which scenorio you want to grant one credit limit to two customers.

At any time u r going to maintain credit limit on customer basis only.

If u want to do u have to change the original functionality of SAP.


Sivalingeswara Rao.B

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Difference between Reports and Queries


Reports are completely generated with the help of codes that are written by ABAPers.

Normally you would find “Z” Reports. For Example: We have VFRB T-code for Retro Billing Standard SAP Report. When some changes are required in the input and the output of this report, we need to copy this in ZVFRB and then add / delete fields in the input selection screen as well as output of the report depending upon the customer’s requirement. So in this ABAPers will write the code and do the changes line by line. Same thing applies when customer comes up with a requirement of capturing data via report for which there is no standard SAP report available. In this case we need to design the input selection screen and then the output of the report and then ABAPer’s will write the code to accomplish this.


Query is an option available with both functional as well as technical consultants to generate reports:

We have t-codes:




We use these t-codes to generate a query. For example: You have a requirement of merging two tables VBAK and VBAP in order to get an output that shows Sales doc, material number, sales Org, Dist Ch, Div and plant.

You can generate a user group and then assign to user id and then create an infoset and run a querry. Infoset is an option where you specify VBAK and VBAP tables and then the above mentioned fields will be available for selection. Later you give the input say sales document number and then execute this to get the output showing Sales doc, material number, sales Org, Dist Ch, Div and plant. So basically queries are standard options available in SAP to generate our own input selection and output of reports as per our convenience. When it is not possible for us to select / merge different tables and get the desired output, then we go for “Z” Report (code written by ABAPers)

<b>Reward if helpful.</b>

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You can use the ABAP Query to create your own evaluations without any knowledge of the ABAP programming language or table and field names.

You can define three types of evaluations:

- Basic lists

- Statistics

- Ranked lists

You can also combine these three groups as desired.

ABAP Query Authorizations: To use an ABAP query, the user must have appropriate authorizations. Two ways of providing authorizations to the users are as follows:

- User groups

The user should be a part of at least one user group to run the corresponding ABAP query. This automatically restricts the access of the user to specific functional areas, and thus the corresponding underlying logical databases.

- Authorizations

The authorization object S_QUERY should be used to give proper authorizations to the user for a query. This authorization object has a field named ACTVT which can take values 02 for Change, 23 for Maintain and 67 for Translate.