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322989 - Late block Number of blocking attempts

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Dear friends !

I´m trying to understand the meaning of field " Waiting time" at tcode OMJI.

When I set the LATE BLOCK the system set 10 in this field , I have read the sap note 322989 - Late block Number of blocking attempts , but I´m not able to understand the reason or the meaning of 10 in this field ... this mean 10 times or 10 second between attempts.

Best regards,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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When the late block is activated, the system tries to lock the data in the material master record before the posting is started. This ensures that postings are consistent.

If you cannot set the block because another user is carrying out a posting for the same material, the system waits for a moment and then tries to set the block again.

here the unit of time is seconds



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Hi Vikrama,

Please do F1 on the Waiting time field.

Specifies the number of locking attempts the system makes before the goods movement is refused as a result of a locking error.

So is it time (since it says seconds) OR is it the number of attempts as mentioned in help?


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