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31.12.2017 date lies before start of factory calendar. (Correct this)

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Dear Sir.

Please suggest about this error while creating "CYCLE COUNTING"

(My Factory Calendar is BA : Shakti Ind Factory Calender

2018 to 2023")

31.12.2017 date lies before start of factory calendar. (Correct this)

Message No. M7524


The date 31.12.2017 lies before the start of the validity period of the factory calendar that is assigned to the given plant.


Make sure your entries are correct.

If the entered date is correct, ask your system administrator to change the factory calendar.

Course of action for the system administrator

Check the validity period of the factory calendar.


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Please only discus one problem per post.

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Answers (2)

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With the factory calendar set to start in 2018, then any activity before 2018 will have an error. The date of this inventory cycle count is in 2017.

You can either change the date of the inventory into 2018, such as the next day 01.01.2018, or you can adjust the factory calendar to start in 2017 (transaction SCAL or SFT3). Check with the other Logistics functions (Sales, Production, Maintenance, Shipping, Warehouse) before changing the factory calendar.


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See SAP-KBA 518418 : FAQ Cycle Counting on this, Question No.2.

It provides a Checklist on Tables / Transactions to check for an inconsistency.