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3 systems on the same server : Best tools to gather data and figures

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We plan to put 3 SBO systems onto the same server. I'm trying to make them similar but there will be 3 different local currencies (while the system currency will be the same).

What will be the best tool (Reporting, DataWarehouse, SAP Or Partner Add-on...) to gather these figures and get a consolidation of some of them for Management Purposes ?

Thanking you in advance


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Martin,

Actually you can create 1 consolidated company for reporting purpose. The consolidation is on finance level only. The mandatory requirement for this kind of consolidation is the use of account segmentation by adding 1 segment for company code in the g/l account code.

Create the 4th database with the combination of entries available in all other database :

- same system currency and all other currency

- g/l accounts

- BP (customer & vendor) => BP code in 3 company can't be the same, add company code segment in the bp code.

To consolidated it, once a month export all journal entries on each company using export utility in SAP B1 (Administration > Data Export / Import > Data Export > Export Transaction to SAP Business One). The filter is based on transaction number (internal numbering of Journal Entry).

If all g/l and BP in the export company exist in the import company, it can be import directly in the consolidated company (using other utility - Import)

One think you also have to remember is the use of clearing account for intra-company transaction, so in the consolidated level it will null each other.



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