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25Fun feature

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The standard feature 25FUN is based on P0077 and P0002. I need to have additional criteria based on company code, how can I do it ?

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Hi Sikki, Continuation of ur attempt- Some info on feature The system often uses features to determine default values. The system take these default value when you maintain infotypes that affect employee master data. For example, the ABKRS feature determines default values for the payroll area. It does this using the data found in the employee's Organizational Assignment infotype record. There are two ways to maintain features: 1. You can access the feature decision tree from the Payroll or Time Management IMG implementation guide) and then make your changes. The system always displays the feature assigned to the IMG module. 2. You can also use the feature maintenance transaction, PE03. The "Features: Initial Screen" appears. Report RPUMKG00 activates features. You can use features for different purposes. The most important applications are: 1. Features that define default values The system often uses features to determine default values. The system suggests these values when you maintain infotypes that affect employee master data. The feature either delivers a default value directly - this is then written to the relevant infotype field (for example, the ABKRS feature -> Organizational Assignment infotype 0001)), or the feature delivers a key entry as a return code, which the system can use to read one or more tables. The system takes the stored default values from these tables and enters them in the relevant infotype, for example, Feature LGMST -> Basic Pay (infotype 0008). Hint: The system always reads these default values when you create an infotype. 2. Featuresthat control system processes The feature Pnnnn (nnnn stands for the infotype number) controls the sequence in which the system displays country-specific screens when you maintain or display master data infotypes. 3. Features that automatically generate mail messages Some features automatically generate mail messages when you change certain master data fields, for example, the various administrators in infotype Organizational Assignment (0001). Example: feature M0001. Step to create the feature 1. Goto TCode PE03 and give a 5 char identifier as a feature name and create. 2. Crate attributs for the feature u2013 Administration data of a feature, including the structure(fields that can be queried in the decision tree) and country assignment. 3. Create decision tree u2013 Query data structure to determine return values. You can maintain them using =>Table maintenance OR =>Tree maintenance 4. Save and activate the feature. 5.Create documentation (Optional) u2013 Information on the structure and the functions. Feature can have 1 of the available passing type. 1 u2013 Return value will be a Field of around 40 char (I think its 39 but stil not sure) 2 u2013 Returns values will be in table format with 1 column.

inputs given by Praveen Kumar Tiwari

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Thanks for the long reply, but that is what I already know.

If you look at 25Fun, the structure does not include company code. My question is specific to 25Fun only, as there is requirement to default P0181 based on company code too.

Any advice?