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2 Shipments created instead of 1

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Hello Experts,

I have an issue in SAP, the system creates for deliveries with the same ship to and the same date of delivery 2 shipments instead of one ! while checking, one of those shipments has no route defined, although the delivery included in this shipment has been defined with a route! could anyone knows why shipment didn't take into account the route in delivery ??

Thank you for your help.


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It is hard to tell why the deliveries were not combined into a single shipment without knowing how exactly you create these shipments - manually, via background job, via external program (e.g. there are add-ons that generate shipments after performing planning based on various criteria).

As to the route number- check what is set as routine in 0VTK in Proposal.

If you use background jobs or VT04 - start by checking what is set in the grouping criteria for your variant.

If you use external or a custom program or an add-on - refer to the corresponding documentation (if you have any, that is).