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2 Decimal Points for Indonesian Rupiah Currency

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Dear All,

I would like to assign 2 decimal points to Indonesian Rupiah Curreny - IDR by accessing OY04.

However, there is no input value for 2 decimal points.

For accounting purpose, we would like to record business transactions up to 2 decimal points.

Kindly advise.

Appreciate it!

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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For any currency, the decimal point is two. Its a system default. So you cann;t find as a input in OY04.

Check in OY01 where you have decimal format.


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Dear Rajesh,

Thank you for responding.

I have checked in OY01 for the country's decimal format, i have chosen value X where 2 decimal points are allowed.

Kindly advice if I have missed out any other configuration.

Thanks Rajesh!

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If OY04 is not showing a record for IDR 2 decimals should be the default.

IOY01 is set to 2 decimal, they should show.

What are you seeing that make you believe that 2 decimals is NOT in effect?

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Hi Althea,

Although faith endorses that not seeing is believing.

But I don't need faith here. All I need is to post an accounting document. The system

doesn't allow 2 decimal points despite OY01 being set to 2 decimal point format.

It causes me to wonder where else we have missed out in our configuration.

Regards and Thanks!

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Well, I've had painful encounters with SAP and decimal points.

I still ask you - what makes you think it doesn't have two decimals? have you made an entry and had a problem?? You will notice that USD is not in the table, (in fact no currency with 2 decimals is there) and 15 years of experience tells me that USD works with 2 decimals, as doe GBP and EUR

Search this forum for currency and OY04 for additional conversations. And you can have a read of these OSS note for information:

SAP Note Number 137626 - FAQ: Decimal places for currency codes

SAP Note Number 126857 - Display of amts with correct decimal places in SE16

Until you test - you won't know what else you've missed.

Regards and good luck

PS - Our system shows: IDR Indonesian Rupiah 0

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Hi wishy washy,

even I had various real painfull experiences with clients who changed the decimals..... Still having nightmares about this....

Please be hypercarefull with that what you are doing. Has IDR really 2 decimals? As far as I can see IDR has in Standard (In my SAP-testsystem) no decimals.

What happens if you change the decimals? Please note, SAP stores values always without decimals.

Example: 100,00 Euros are stored as 10000 in bseg-wrbtr.

Euro has 2 decimals.

If you change the decimals to 0 the amount changes to 10000 Euros.

Example: 100 IDR are stored as 100 in bseg wrbtr.

IDR has no decimals

If you change the decimals to 2 the amount changes to 1,00 IDR.

Please consider: automatic taxcalculation, Data carriers, reporting, open item clearing, budgeting, depreciation, and hundreds of other issues.

The several warnings of OY04 have a reason... and I don't want you to have my nightmares.

Best regards


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Please refer to oss note 137626. It may be of some help.


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Hi there,

Thank you for your sharing and and pointers. They are indeed helpful.

Yes, you are correct that currencies not appreaing OY04 means that these currencies are defaulted

to 2 decimal points.

Thus I simply remove IDR from OY04 to allow the system for posting to 2 decimal points.

Thank You!

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Hi Horst,

Thanks for the sharing of your experience with decimals points!

I appreicate them, I will seriously consider whether they are necessasry.


wishy washy

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