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01 Inspection

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I raising a PO for 10 items in quality inspection all the 10 lots are OK.I want to take a collective usage decison for these lots.When i

try to use QA16 or QA40, I am geting error msg,


No entries for the specified selection criteria have been found in the 3 Usage decisions catalog.

This may be due to the following:

The searched entries do not exist.

The searched entries have not been released.

System Response

The search has been terminated.


Correct your entries or check the master data in the inspection catalog.

What shoul be done to overcome this error?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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This may not be becasue of the UD codes.

Actually reason is

Mass UD is only allowed in following schenarios.

1.When not task list attached.

2.when all char are optional.

3.when all char are skip.

4.All char are not long term( long term tick in QA10/16/40)

Wheneither of these criteias meet ...UD is possible in Mass.

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Should all the criterias be met?

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Practically All these crtiterias can not be meet at one time so obviosly if any of these meets mass UD can be taken

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Basically the UD codes your trying to use appear that that they aren't properly set up.

1) The selected set isn't in the plant your making the UD in and your configuration for the plant says it must.

2) The selected set has been set up but it wasn't released.


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In QS51 it is displayed & it is released only.