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Dear User,

Thanks for providing your valuable input for SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition! Whether you’ve provided insights into your experiences using the feedback button or by answering our system surveys, your input is always highly appreciated by SAP Engineering and it helps to guide and prioritize our product development. Since all end-user feedback is anonymous and we can’t contact you directly, I’d like to share with you in this blog some examples of how we’re working with your feedback to drive improvements.

Most of you share your feedback by answering our generic questions; you rate how satisfied you are with SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition, or you let us know how you rate the usefulness or the ease of use of the application you work with. These ratings are scaled from 1 (very dissatisfied/highly disagree) to 5 (very satisfied/highly agree). There‘s also a free text field for any written comments you want to provide. The generic questions can be answered at any time when you press the feedback button. Additionally, we have a time-controlled push survey, in which generic or cross-application related questions e.g., on in-app help or automation, are asked. Last but not least, we also allow application-specific questions that can be triggered with the application to address important questions the developer needs your feedback. Overall we limit the pushed surveys to only 1-3 questions on average and these are not displayed more than once a month per user. Here you also find previous blogs where we suggest Tell us what you think  and  An Uber for Engineering.

Generally speaking, we mostly receive ratings that indicate to us how you perceive working with SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition overall, the applications you use, and some specific application aspects. The ratings can help us to compare and to prioritize. For example, if we consistently get higher ratings for usefulness than for ease of use, we are prompted to invest in design aspects rather than the functionality of the application. By comparing your ratings across different applications we can see which applications need our attention and help us identify areas of improvement.

In 15% to 30% of cases, we receive textual feedback that can provide even more insights on the improvement category like performance, enablement, functionality missing etc. Feedback comments like “The xy functionality in abc is pretty cumbersome to use. Please streamline the “print” functionality” enable us to act directly.

To allow us to act on your feedback, we recommend you make your comments as specific as possible and provide us with the necessary context. The better we understand your situation and how you work with the product and its applications, the more easily we can act on your feedback. If you’re experiencing problems with SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition that are related to your enablement, your training​, and the authorizations you‘ve received at your workplace, for example, then we recommend you first address these issues with your own IT department.

Let’s look at a couple of feedback examples and how these have helped us make improvements for you. In Professional Services for the “Manage my Timesheet” Application, in logistics “stock multiple materials” and what we have found on the cross application topic of our in product help functions.

Manage my Time Sheet

Currently, Manage my Time Sheet is one of the most-used apps in SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition, and we’ve received thousands of your responses to generic and application-specific questions alike. On application specific features we see that about 70% of the respondents either agree or strongly agree that it is easy to delete the time entries, it‘s easy to record time, and that it‘s easy to find a task to book a time in the work list. We‘re still busy working our way through the many textual comments you’ve submitted.

Thanks to your feedback, these are some of the first improvements we’ve been able to implement for you:

  • Easily copy time entries of a day to another day or week,

  • Flexible time sheet approval (multiple approvers is planned on roadmap)

  • Email Notifications for

    • Rejected time entries to employees

    • Pending timesheet approvals to managers

  • Usability updates:

    • Show monthly staffed and recorded hours

    • Show PO quantity in task list also for external workers

    • Notifications in the app for rejected time entries

    • Enhanced Flexibility to control the visibility of the UI controls (Buttons, fields, etc.) via the adapt UI option

Stock Multiple Materials

In this application, we saw that many users are struggling with performance-related issues. Our response was to build an application-specific survey, that‘s triggered when 20sec of waiting time have elapsed for an analytical query.

In these situations, we wanted to understand which display options and filter criteria are used as well as the role of the user. With more than 400 feedback responses over a 10 month period, we’ve been able to determine the following:

As 30% of the users do not match the original persona Inventory manager, inventory analyst or warehouse clerk, the plan is to now offer a more fine grained user assignment

  • As we see an extensive use of data source and custom field extensibility, we plan to enable the app for additional extensibility options

  • To improve performance issues, especially when the transaction is seldom used, we plan stack simplification and optimisation to accelerate compile time and background scheduling with spreadsheet export.

  • First view stack optimisation has started with 2302, continued with 2308 und is planned for 2402. The Application Optimisations are planned with 2402+.

Cross Application Topic: Help

We‘ve added specific questions about the in-app Help functionality in the time controlled push survey in SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition CE2302, and have received more than 650 feedback responses over a 4 month period. The User Assistance team as well as the architecture cluster for Documentation Tools has looked into the feedback from users that have or have not used our in App help functionality.

  • About one third of users said that they use our Help; most of the users that shared written feedback told us that they would like more and detailed Help

  • Where users state it‘s too time-consuming to reach the Help or that it’s not detailed enough for their needs, our user assistance colleagues are verifying content and usability

  • Where users struggled to locate and access the in-app Help, we will create more awareness

With these examples, I hope we’ve been able to give you a first impression of how we’re processing and working with your feedback. Your feedback is invaluable to us, so please continue to share your rating and comments with us so we can build even better products for you!