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Wipro’s SAP adoption has improved efficiencies, reduced costs and time and strengthened data security

Wipro is a GSSP (Global SAP Services Partner) and a leading global information technology, consulting and business process services company with over 250,000 associates worldwide. Wipro partners with business leaders across all major industries to address their biggest business challenges through strategic engagements that include the adoption of cloud platforms and other leading technologies, expanding their clients’ ability to innovate and become more competitive.

The organization wanted to build on its success by simplifying and streamlining key business processes and boosting its efficiency. Meeting the growing demands of its clients, employees and vendors required a scalable, flexible platform that would meet its full range of compliance, availability, and bandwidth requirements, as well as deliver robust security capabilities. To achieve this, Wipro chose to adopt the powerful ERP system, SAP S/4HANA Cloud, via the business transformation service, RISE with SAP.

Creating a future-ready, SAP-driven infrastructure

By implementing RISE with SAP, (one of the quickest migrations ever done on SAP platform), Wipro gained the ability to leverage intelligent applications and agile cloud-native software, resulting in greater business value and opportunities for new revenue streams. As a single service offering, the solution allowed Wipro to quickly see gains in terms of operational performance, agility, and scalability.

“Adopting RISE with SAP has helped us to speed up our digital transformation journey. It has simplified our operations, created a solid foundation for future innovation and lowered TCO”, says Hare Ram Ray, Wipro’s General Manager and Head of SAP Business for the U.K., Ireland, Benelux and Nordics. The SAP S/4HANA Cloud adoption also enabled Wipro to enhance its security initiatives, reduce costs by significant amounts, and strengthen innovation efforts based on the platform’s integration capabilities.

Best-in-class security features 

“In this day and age, data breaches are one of the biggest risks for any company. We were also keen to improve our security measures considering the rampant cyber-attacks the industry is subjected to” explains Hare. He adds that security remains one of our topmost priorities when looking at upgrading our systems. “The enhanced security features built into RISE with SAP hugely reduce the risk from hackers. The security and firewalls are best in class, so we feel confident that our business and customer data are protected to the highest possible level”.

RISE with SAP covers all of Wipro’s infrastructure, operating systems, databases and app-related security requirements. SAP owns all security aspects, removing the responsibility from the Wipro IT team, and the advanced monitoring features make it far easier for them to manage.

Reduced costs by 20 to 22%

With 73 delivery centers around the world, Wipro's finance teams have spent a lot of time reconciling reporting. "Due to the complexity of our business and the lack of a common view across continents, our accounts did not have a single source of truth," says Hare. In response to these challenges, the global professional services powerhouse undertook its own transformation story to gain greater visibility into its operations and strengthen its ability to forecast future business needs in the cloud as the transformative platform for business innovation and growth.

“Due to the complexity of our business and not having a joined-up view across the continents, our accounts were all over the place”, Hare remarks. “Our forecasts are more accurate now and moving to RISE has freed up time for the finance teams. We’re seeing around an 8% improvement on our overall bandwidth and the leadership team is very happy”.

By consolidating contracts through RISE with SAP and moving to SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Wipro has reduced its total cost of ownership in the range of 20 to 22%. This cost-saving is being reinvested into the company’s ongoing digital transformation and will help fund planned innovations.

A platform for integration and innovation

As well as the operational benefits, SAP S/4HANA and RISE with SAP provide Wipro with a robust foundation for continually evolving its business. The company plans to move soon from its legacy travel expenses application to SAP Concur. Wipro is currently benefitting from SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP), part of the RISE with SAP offering, which enables the seamless integration of other cloud applications (both SAP and non-SAP technologies).

Hare says, “SAP BTP is a platform for innovation. It integrates all the data sitting in our SAP system with other sources and makes it easier to develop new business applications to meet our future requirements, all while maintaining a clean core, which makes it possible for us to be far more agile”.

As a satisfied customer of RISE with SAP, Wipro is in a strong position to help its customers along a similar digital transformation journey. Wipro has direct experience moving to SAP S/4HANA Cloud with eSymphony, Wipro’s transformation framework that is designed to minimize the risk, cost, and timeline of moving to the Intelligent ERP system.

Whatever your digital transformation requirements are, be it greenfield, brownfield or bluefield, Wipro can help. Contact Wipro to discuss your needs: hareram.ray@wipro.com