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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
a collaboration between marcomondinomario.fetzner , renaud.petit.sap , mostafa.sharafkristian.papai

Dear SAP SME Partners,

thank you for attending the Intelligent Enterprise Competition 2021 for EMEA & MEE

It is a well-known fact that the success of SAP Business One and SAP Business ByDesign is only possible due to the incredible SME Partner Community that surrounds those solutions.

Innovation is a process (and not a short one). Step-by-Step, we started to push our partners to become cloud-basedto adopt a loosely coupled architecture, and to look at the huge options of services and platforms out there that would help their solutions to be easy to scale, enhance and maintain.

The pay-off has been great! We can see a clear evolution in the level of innovation our partners are bringing to the market which are captured in our SME Innovation Playbook.
The new Version 3 with 50+ Innovation Stories is currently on the way and will be published later in Q4 / 2021.

In another incredible demonstration of what an innovative ecosystem can achieve, it’s our pleasure to announce the WINNERS of the Intelligent Enterprise Competition 2021 for EMEA & MEE

1st Place - Sapphire Systems (UKI) with Smart Rentals Platform

2nd Place - Delaware (Belgium) with B2B Portal - Personal assistant

3rd Place - ActonIT (Portugal) with ACTON Bot One

Evaluation Criteria:

  • Innovation: How creative is the solution?

  • Technical achievement: What technological problems had to be overcome to create this product?

  • Application: What kind of business impact will the solution make?

  • Cloud Mindset


Overview of Intelligent Enterprise Solution Submissions

Partner Name Solution Name Solution Description
Abacus Cambridge Abacus Bot for SAP Business One

Abacus Bot for SAP Business One leverages RPA and AI technologies to automate A/P process. Solution consists of a bot that can download the supplier documents from an AP mail inbox, use AI to extract the required data, and send it to an AP manager for approval. Once approved, the bot can close the loop by automatically updating information in SAP Business One.  The following process are automated using the Bot:

·       New supplier creation

·       Procurement Quotations and

·       Invoice-Payment Internal reconciliation.
Abacus Consulting SAP Business One with Voice Assistant SAP Business One with Voice Assistant integrates SAP Business One with Google Assistant package, designed to explore the real-time data faster from SAP Business One without login within system. It displays information in a fraction of seconds and digs out results from a massive number of data tables right on your handheld device via voice commands. You can connect and access the SAP Business One data directly on your device by sending some voice commands to Google Assistant. Objective of this solution is to assist customers to extract the required  information faster, whether it is about top customers, top items and not limited to this. You can have the information handy via voice commands. This solution helps customers to save  time and energy in digging out information needed at the moment
ActonIT ACTON Bot One ACTON Bot One makes man-machine interaction easier. Thanks to this technology, solution can bring equipment (including industrial equipment) closer to the traditional SAP Business One transactions, through the interpretation of sensor readings (IoT), in a direct conversation using natural language processing (Conversational UI). For this purpose, solution collects low-level information from these pieces of equipment, through sensors installed in each one, converting these signals into information, using XS OData Services. The chatbot is programmed to interpret and convert the readings into information, which helps the decision-making process.
All For One Steeb Intelligent Time Recording Time saving and error reduction are the most interesting aspects of the Intelligent Time Recording solution. After a time recording suggestion, Users can easily create and change time recordings, and the best thing about it: the machine learning algorithm is constantly learning and getting better with every acceptance or every change. Therefore we are able to increase the quality with every single time recording.
ck.solution Increasing efficiency of accounting with AI An incoming invoice received via e-mail and in PDF format needs to enter the workflow quickly and lead to the automatic creation of an SAP document. With the help of Document Information Extraction this will drastically reduce the manual work and reduce human errors.
COMP.net Automated Document Detection in COBI.wms

By using document detection, we obviate the need for manually entering the data from the Delivery Note into our Goods Receipt.​

This not only increases productivity and saves time, it also prevents simple mistakes that might happen during manual entry of data.​
Delaware B2B Portal - Personal assistant

What’s my Order status? Where can I see my Invoice?

Based on Delaware’s existing B2B Portal, Customers can now chat with an intelligent Bot helping them navigating the Portal.

A recommendation engine also allows products suggestion when placing an order via the Portal.
OCH-BENE ELI WMS-Cloud Pallet Measurement Cloud Pallet Measurement is part of ELI WMS that is a Warehouse Management System, completely in cloud with a friendly, zero-training and simple user Interface. Cloud Pallet Measurement leverages ML technology to recognize pallets measures and determine best fitting truck space and warehouse area.  Some advantages:

  • ⅓ of the cost of traditional ultrasonic technology, affordable for Small Medium Enterprises;

  • Much easier installation, less hardware, less complexity.

  • Completely Cloud based;

neumeier AG Intelligent Customer Conversation

TeamWork 365 is a web application that provides useful add-ons to the SAP Business One Web Client. It allows all time access for service workers to perform tasks no matter where they are.​

By reading all the notes from prior activities, the employee loses a lot of time. Each note must be read and interpreted separately. ​

By integrating our solution into the app, this repetitive task is done by a fast algorithm. Our solution provides quick insights on the sentiment of a customer based on the taken notes validated via AI Services. Our App interprets the result and displays the customers sentiment as a simple Smiley.
O&S Consultores Advanced Planner

Advanced Planner helps companies working in 'Blue collar' services industry (ex. cleaning services) on following operational activities: staffing labor optimization, assigning projects and tasks on calendar basis to labor based on resources skills and availability, overtime hours control and linkage with payrolls, incidents management, labor reporting and project cost controlling. SAP Business ByDesign with Advanced Planner leverages Machine Learning technology to suggest resolution of repetitive incidents (like holidays, unexpected leavings, ..)

•       Optimization and standardization of processes

•       Efficiency and productivity

•       Operative flexibility and cost reduction

•       Process integration

•       Real time information to support decisions
RUN TIME RTS WMS Voice Picking RTS WMS Voice Picking is part of WMS RTS SAP Business One logistic software solution, that allows organizations to manage effectively and efficiently warehouse supply and operations, picking and packing processes. RTS WMS Voice Picking allows warehouse operator to use voice only to interact with WMS RTS SAP Business One logistic software component. Solution specifies to warehouse operator via voice communication what location to go to perform picking mission, indicating lane, position, and bin, managing batches or serial numbers too.
SAPPHIRE Smart Rentals Platform

Smart Rental Platform is a complete booking & tracking solution for equipment rental, integrating to SAP Business One.

The main available features are:

-        User can see equipment list, check availability & book equipment for a period of time via an intelligent ChatBot

-        iRPA generates rental contract as well as equipment card details in SAP Business One

-        User can browse the full equipment’s rental history, secured by BlockChain, via the ChatBot

This solution, combining various intelligent technologies, is proposed as a packaged product to it’s destination market.
SINAPSI SapientONE No matter what is your customers‘ business or what are their problems: after-sales support is essential. That's why any company should enlarge their customer service team welcoming SapientOne virtual assistant, the only One SAP Business Chat, active 24/7 and supporting the pre-screening with fast solutions to common problems. With SapientOne, customers verify the malfunction and ask the virtual assistant to help them with after-sales support.
VisionSoft V.I.M.S.

V.I.M.S is warehouse management mobile app solution for SAP Business One with machine learning capabilities.

It is supported on IOS and Android devices, it gives the flexibility to its users to manage Inventory from a smartphone or a tablet with an easy and user-friendly design interface.

By using the Artificial Intelligent technology which V.I.M.S can deliver, users can easily count their stock by just taking a picture of them and minimize the error rate


The 3 winners of the Intelligent Enterprise Competition 2021 are taking home very cool prizes: