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Sometimes, we may find that the amount shown in Billing Documents(or Finance Document) and App F1250 ' Sales Volume - Flexible Analysis' (or other Analytical Reports) are different. There are many reasons to cause the difference, and exchange rate is one factor we need to consider and check.

1. Exchange rates in Billing Documents:

The KBA 'How are different exchange rates (Price, FI postings and Conditions) determined in billing document' describes the different exchange rates in the billing document.

  • Exchange Rate for Price Determination (field VBRP-KURSK).

  • Exchange rate for FI Postings (field VBRK-KURRF).

  • Exchange rate for Condition Currency (field KONV-KKURS).

2. Exchange rates in Analytical Reports(F1250):

In the Analytical Reports(F1250, ' Sales Volume - Flexible Analysis') we can select any currency which is supported by system(more than 100 currencies) as display currency. All the amounts in Billing Document will convert into the display currency from transaction currency, this currency conversion is done by the system via function currency_conversion.

Note: if we select a display currency for which the exchange rate between display currency and transaction currency is not maintained, the analytical report may raise error messages.

Display currency value help in Sales Volume report

  @DefaultAggregation: #SUM
@Semantics.amount.currencyCode: 'DisplayCurrency'
cast ( currency_conversion(
amount => SalesVolumeNetAmount,
source_currency => TransactionCurrency,
target_currency => :P_DisplayCurrency,
exchange_rate_date => BillingDocumentDate,
exchange_rate_type => :P_ExchangeRateType,
error_handling => 'FAIL_ON_ERROR',
round => #CDSBoolean.true,
decimal_shift => #CDSBoolean.true,
decimal_shift_back => #CDSBoolean.true
) as mc_umnetwr ) as SlsVolumeNetAmtInDspCrcy,

Currency Conversion function used in Sales Volume Report

3. Impact of Exchange Rate on Amount Calculation in Sales Volume Report and Billing Documents

Exchange rate is an important factor behind the amount difference in a sales volume report and related billing documents. The following lists some scenarios that may cause the amount difference:

  • The amount in billing documents and that in the analytical report may show in different currencies. For example, the amount in billing document is displayed in GBP (document currency EUR > local currency GBP), whereas the amount in an analytical report based on the two documents is displayed in USD (document currency EUR > user-specified display currency USD).

Context Amount Calculated Based on Exchange Rate Between...
Billing document Document currency > Local currency
Analytical report Document currency > User-Specified display currency

  • The exchange rate used for amount calculation may differ in billing documents and the analytical report.

Context Exchange Rate for Amount Calculation
Billing document It may be copied from a manually-entered value in sales order, or determined based on billing date/pricing date/current date.
Analytical report Always determined based on billing date