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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

I encountered several cases that components are assigned to the wrong operation (usually the first operation) eg. 0010 when creating a production order/process order although the component is assigned to another operation eg. 0030 in routing or master recipe.

I summarize all of the cases I encountered and hope they can be helpful if you got the same problem:

Case 1. Components of phantom assemblies are involved.

Have a look at the note 156366. The field PLMZ-KANTE and PLMZ-STLNR_W might be filled incorrectly if your system is upgraded or migrated from an old release like 3.1H. Let me take a small example which shows how the 2 fields are filled.

BOM structure:



      PP_HALB                              PP_HALB_PHAN  (phantom assembly)


                                        PP_RAW1              PP_RAW2

Component allocation in CA02:

PP_HALB  0020
PP_RAW2not assigned

Result in table PLMZ:

If you have similar BOMs as in my example and find the field PLMZ-KANTE is empty, you can refer to the note 156366. If you only have one routing with this problem, you can try to delete the component allocations in CA02 and assign them again. The field PLMZ-KANTE should be filled correctly by deletion and reassignment. If you have too many routings with this problem, the report ZBKANTE in note 156366 can be used to correct them.

Case 2. Alternative items are involved

Alternative items in the BOM should be always assigned to the same operation in the routing. Otherwise, you may get wrong component allocation results when creating a order. KBA 2086778 explains it in more details.

Case 3. If multiple BOM alternatives have been maintained and one of the BOM alternatives is named as 'M'

Check if Note 2283128 is implemented on your system. This note corrects a system bug in this case.

Case 4. If component allocation is wrong when planned orders are converted to production orders by COHV.

If several production orders or process orders for the same material are created using a collective conversion of planned orders, this may lead to an incorrect operation assignment of the components. This error occurs in particular if the material is configurable and the bill of material contains phantom assemblies whose transfer is controlled by a selection condition during the bill of material explosion.

In this case, check if Note 2245427 is implemented on your system.

Other cases.

Firstly make sure the right routing is selected. You may have defined many routing group counters for the same material. They could have the wrong component allocation.

Secondly try to delete the component allocations and reassign them if it's possible.

Thirdly check if there really is an entry in table PLMZ for the corresponding BOM item. The table relationship is described in this document:

When deletion indicator is set in routing tables PLPO/PLAS/PLFL/PLMZ

At last if components are still assigned to the wrong operations, contact SAP Product Support by reporting an incident in component PP-SFC-PLN-CPT or PP-BD-RTG.