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Some people think the best superheroes are Iron Man, Superman, or Starlord, but I disagree. While Marvel and DC have done a good job promoting their characters, I think it is time for a groundswell around the hiring manager as the superhero.

It’s important to understand that onboarding is so much more than W-2s, I-9s, and ordering equipment, but realizing that the hiring manager is the most important person in the process is critical.

Every superhero needs a little assistance to get the job done, be it Lois Lane, Robin, or Mjölnir (bonus points if you know this last one). For the hiring manager it is the just-released hiring manager experience for SuccessFactors Onboarding. We spent significant time researching what hiring managers really need, how they work, and how we can best solve their problems and make their life just a little bit better than it was yesterday.

We released this experience in November and now, managers can take advantage of it whether they are working at their desktop or on their iPads at 34,000 feet. We make it easy for hiring mangers to customize their onboarding process, develop a consistent checklist of what needs to happen. Now, the real amazingness comes in helping hiring managers execute on this with items like choosing new hire buddies, selecting other peers to meet, adding new hires to important meetings, assigning resources or simply writing a welcome message to the new hire.

Hiring managers can now help their new employees be more productive, faster and be much more productive themselves, so they can go back to saving the world (or doing their jobs rather than fighting old, antiquated processes and systems they used to use.)

Check out the new interfaces below: