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SAP Analytics Cloud is the recommended financial planning solution and is fully integrated with SAP S/4HANA Cloud and on-premise systems. In this blog post we will see the new innovations in Integrated Financial Planning with the latest release of SAP Analytics Cloud for SAP S/4HANA Cloud & on premise systems.

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Consumer Sales Planning Integration - Add-on

This release we get add on for Consumer Product Sales Planning Integration.The Consumer Products (CP) Sales Planning business content enables top-down planning of sales targets. The resulting planned quantities can be transferred to the sales and profitability planning model within Integrated Financial Planning for SAP S/4HANA content.

By clicking on Data Action – Copy Quantities – quantity data from Consumer Product Sales Planning is copied to Profitability model for Integrated Financial Planning and Profit Center is derived based on the derivation rules. Data Action – Convert Units can convert the quantity unit to base unit for planning as required based on the rule which we can import form SAP S/4HANA systems.

Predictive Accounting Integration

In the profitability model you get control parameters to set up plan quantity. If you use predictive accounting & ledger in SAP S/4HANA system, you can import predictive accounting quantity data to SAP Analytics cloud Profitability model.

CAPEX Planning Enhancements

Now it is possible to transfer depreciation values from Capex planning to Operational Expenses Planning and finally to Financial Statement Planning.

Capex Planning

Manual Planning

You can copy Actual values to plan for asset acquisition and depreciation and can do manual adjustments.

Delta Planning

Delta Planning allows manual planning for asset acquisition and based on acquisition values depreciation plan populates depending on the parameters set for depreciation calculation.

Now we go to the Operational Expenses Planning landing page and click on Expenses.

We get data action to trigger copy of depreciation from capital expenditure planning to operational expense planning as planned in earlier steps.

Cost Center Expense planning shows the asset depreciation values under operating expenses as planned in Capital Expenditure planning.

Next we go and check Financial Statement Planning.

Profit & Loss plan gets populated with depreciation values by triggering data action – Copy Operating Expense from Cost Center plan.

Balance Sheet now has data action - Copy Asset Acquisition from Capital Expenditure Plan which copies the acquired assets from Capital Expenditure to Balance Sheet.

Thus we see there is transfer of asset acquisition and depreciation values from Capex planning to Operational Expenses Planning and finally to Financial Statement Planning.

Inverse Calculation of variable costs for Operational Expense Planning

Here you get enhancements such that if you are changing activity quantity output then fixed and variable cost recalculation is possible with the Split Cost Center Expenses data action.

Hope you like these new innovations. Do let me know your views and if you have any queries by writing in the comments section below.

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