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Business Resilience Breakfast Briefings – A Path to Recovery

There’s an old adage that says disruption is either something that happens to you or because of you. Whoever wrote that never lived through 2020. Disruption has happened to all of us both personally and professionally and in varying degrees. Yet as the dust of disruption settles and we’re able to focus on our longer sightline, clarity is emerging on what no longer serves us and what’s required to move forward. And resilience is top of everyone’s list.

For many organizations, the ‘old normal’ held a lot of inefficient and habitual behaviours, processes and systems that had become part of the furniture and accepted as business as usual. They were ‘good enough’ but out of step with the demands of the business. But what was once just a short coming in the old world is now a pair of lead boots that will sink you in the quicksand of the new business landscape. The opposite of resilience is rigidity, fragility, vulnerability, and weakness. And unfortunately, that’s exactly what many old ERP systems are imposing on businesses today.

Maybe you have legacy ERP systems that need consolidating. Perhaps you’ve been ‘making do’ with batch driven solutions or modified systems that are hard to maintain, difficult to access and offer no real time insight. Or maybe your old ERP system doesn’t integrate with AI.

Whether this translates to challenges in the supply chain, finance processes, IT platforms or sales and marketing campaigns, one thing has become painfully apparent. If you don’t have resilience and intelligence at the core, you will be slow to recover, will struggle to survive in a protracted recession and unlikely to weather the challenges of future disruption to come.

Studies show that companies that emerge strong from major challenges focus on their core competence, driving deeper customer relationships, adjusting supply chains, and adapting business models, workforce dynamics and capital constraints.

Those organizations that recognize they’re lacking such resilience have made addressing it a priority. That’s why we’ve put together our Business Resilience Breakfast Briefing Webinar Series, designed to walk you through the four simple steps to resilient ERP with SAP S/4HANA, giving you and your colleagues a holistic view, real world customer examples, as well as Q&A sessions and a free trial. We’ve designed webinars for finance, supply chain, IT, and sales and marketing that show you how to gain new insights, faster time to value and the agility to adapt in the face of ongoing volatility.

The world has changed dramatically in the past few months. Yet change is often constructive. In the months and years ahead, the old way of tolerating the restrictions of outdated systems, inefficient processes and rigid frameworks will appear naïve. Our aim is to help you adapt, even thrive, with a new pace of urgency and integration that permanently raises the bar of your organizational performance. This ‘new normal’ marks the sea change of better, stronger, and resilient business performance.

Grab a coffee and a colleague and join us online for a morning of inspiration and insight. You can register for one or more of our 30-minute webinar series here: - Business Resilience Breakfast Briefings – A Path to Recovery

Chris Reed
Head of ERP, Finance & Supply Chain for Northern Europe
Small & Medium Business
Senior Director