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Just coming back from #SAPTeched Barcelona, wanted to share more thoughts on a interview that Phil and I did on 1 of the top 3 questions we did hear at the event: 

What does the Intelligent Enterprise really mean?

See the full interview here and below, do not want to steal Phils thunder so focusing below on my bit...

The SAP strategy states that the Digital platform will bring the intelligent Suite together, by providing integration across SAP components. How will this materialize for the Digital Core?

  • At the machine level, the platform will help us to go beyond Data Moving technologies to Data Sharing. The platform will host Central Reusable Business Services that act as points of data aggregation across the landscape, enabling S/4HANA customers to move from having to set up and operate many point to point integrations to working with one central Cross-App Integration point

  • At the user level, the platform will help us to leverage business insight across areas of the business with Cross-Area Analytics and an intuitive user experience across the complete SAP portfolio thru SAP Fiori and SAP CoPilot

The 2018 word at SAP is “intelligence”: intelligent ERP, Suite, and Enterprise – what we’re really looking at here and what is the contribution of the digital core to it?

  • SAP’s strategy is to serve customers who want to run as Intelligent Enterprises, meaning they want to tap into all available human and machine generated information to win in a highly competitive economy by differentiating on the information they can turn into action.

  • let me break it down for you:

  • Methods of Artificial Intelligence such as SAP Leonardo Machine Learning provide decision support to users and guide disjointed business functions towards common objectives.

  • New Data Streams adding information from beyond the traditional scope of ERP – tapping into SAP Leonardo IoT and SAP business networks, not to forget the connected components of the intelligent suite.

  • Next Generation Processes: As I said in the interview, new data and fancy Technology alone does not make you run your business differently if you follow the existing ways of working.Whereas in the past, businesses were managed in cycles of forecasting, execution and reporting, with relatively slow response to changed circumstances, the speed dynamics and competitive pressures on today’s enterprises requires that companies manage the business as a collaborative effort of a highly interactive and fully informed team across all business areas

  • This is where S/4HANA is leading the Intelligent Enterprise from the core, by redefining traditional ways of working, simplifying and further integrating hitherto fragmented business processes, enabling cross-LOB what-if analyses and rapid decision-making with feedback mechanisms for the ever learning, ever more intelligent Enterprise.


Any insight into the role of the SAP Ecosystem in establishing the Intelligent Enterprise?

  • The Intelligent Enterprise is not a product, it is the reality of companies operating with next generation practices – yes powered by an intelligent suite of solutions as described before – but having embraced this potential and living by it. Therefore, it is key that individual customers realize the potential of “intelligence” in the specific context of their own business model and value chain.

  • This is where the services and solutions of our Partners with their deep domain knowledge in industries and micro verticals can help customers to stepping into this new reality.


How long do S/4HANA customer have to wait before becoming “Intelligent Enterprises”

  • No wait, they can start today. While the scope of this strategy is bigger than ever before, the underlying principles of applied Artificial Intelligence, redesigned UX, predictive Analytics and new business processes have been available to S/4HANA customers from day one.

  • What we are doing to apply this to the rest of the portfolio is to work in focus areas that are of particular relevance to the digital economy, and here we have a roadmap with the big four core areas: TotalWorkforceManagement (see also the demo at the keynote), Lead2Cash, Source2Pay, Design2Operate delivering first results in 2018 already.


Now, where do get more information? here: www.sap.com/intelligententerprise


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