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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

I am a firm believer that innovation is best sparked by engaging and collaborating with others. It is those little moments when you are engaged in conversation, an idea jumps into your brain that you can’t leave alone until it becomes more tangible and concrete to help launch something new and exciting.

A few weeks ago, I had a conversation with a colleague about SAP Activate, its evolution, and how we continually improve it based on project learnings and our customer feedback. At that very moment, it occurred to me that we can help our users learn about SAP Activate in a new fun way. A way, that will help you find out about the exciting updates, learn about accelerators, or help you find solutions to a problem in your project. And at the same time, in a way that is easy to fit into your busy life. Today I’m excited to introduce such a way - we call it SAP Activate Minute.

To help you understand what to expect, here are few questions and answers that people asked me when I shared this concept with few community members.


What can I expect to be covered in SAP Activate Minute?

You can expect wide range of topics, from overview and introductory overview topics to mini announcements of new capabilities, new accelerators, how-to videos and more. There is no limit to what we will use this format for. We recognize that this is an experiment, let us know what you think, what you want us to add or change. We will be learning as much through this as you do.


When and where will you post the videos?

You can expect the video post every week on SAP Activate community page. We are aiming to release the videos towards end of the week. Expect them latest on Friday mid-morning US Eastern Standard Time. You can also subscribe to SAP Activate playlist on YouTube here.


Do you plan one page with all the videos?

Yes, indeed we do. Stay tuned for announcement of that page in few weeks when we have enough content to put on it. Look for user defined tag #activateminute to find them all in the meantime.


I have a topic for SAP Activate Minute, where can I send my suggestion?

Thank you for playing along. You can share your suggestion in comments on this blog post.


I want to share my own SAP Activate Minute with the community, how do I do that?

Reach out to nfatima14 or jan.musil. We are very interested to have others jump in and share their knowledge.


Is SAP Activate Minute really 60-seconds long?

For all techies that will measure each video length (I know there are few amongst our users) note that the 60 seconds limit applies to the content portion of the videos. Every speaker has 60 seconds to cover selected topic. And if speaker need to explain concept or topic in 65 seconds, I hope you forgive us too.


Will Jan start his own TikTok?

I don’t think this is in the stars at this moment. We will share the videos on YouTube in the future for easier access, but I don’t have plans to become TikToker just yet.


If you have question that we didn’t answer above, please post in SAP Activate Community and we will get back to you shorty. You can explore more SAP Activate resources in SAP Community, we encourage you to consider following our sister communities SAP S/4HANA Cloud and SAP Cloud ALM.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments to this blog post or via questions in the SAP Activate community.

Stay tuned for more updates and blogs.

Follow the SAP Activate page on the SAP Community. Remember to turn on your notification to receive updates or information about items requiring your attention. To enable notifications, follow the steps on the SAP Community Resources page.

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