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Our customers and their users need to be at the heart of everything we do. We need to live and breathe a cloud mindset, to which user research is key.

We Love Feedback (WLF)” is our flagship program to get even closer to our customers and end users through events and increased interactions. We aim to bring together product teams with local customers in their region all fuelled by research!  Understanding and working closely with customers in each region helps us to see what applies globally and also to have full empathy for local needs. On We Love Feedback Day, we want to educate, empathize, and commit as we continue to learn from our users throughout SAP's cloud journey.

                                          We Love Feedback - The team behind the show

We Love Feedback Day was held in Bengaluru on 26th July and it turned out to be a resounding success. The event gathered an enthusiastic and diverse group of participants from various industries and backgrounds, creating an atmosphere of collaboration, knowledge dissemination, and reflection.

sindhu.gangadharan and I had the pleasure of kicking off the event with a Lamp lighting ceremony, signifying the dispelling of ignorance and the pursuit of wisdom, as we welcomed our participants. In our opening keynote, we conveyed our message on the pivotal role of user experience in driving innovation, enabling scalability, and transforming businesses across industries for our customers. UX is crucial to the successful adoption of Cloud ERP and User Research is the vehicle to help us achieve that goal. I talked about the immense potential for AI to revolutionize our customers' UX, but its true impact will be unlocked through early feedback and collaboration within our SAP ecosystem.

Lamp lighting ceremony to kick off the event

User Research intends to find out what users do, need, think, and want. In the morning session, our UX Researchers introduced the topic of User Research and what goes behind it. They shared the benefits of User Research for both customers & the product development teams. They went deeper into the various methods of conducting User Research like User Interviews, A/B comparisons, prototype methods, etc. They comprehensively addressed the entire User Research life cycle, encompassing planning, conducting, evaluating, and effectively implementing the valuable insights gathered throughout the process. In the final segment, they deeper into the details of the execution by sharing a validation study of a usability test conducted for a Fiori App.

After a brief intermission, the User Research sessions started, delving into user interviews on a wide range of functional areas, including Quality Management, Product Lifecycle Management, Core Master Data, Asset & Service Management, Core Logistics, Cloud Foundation, and My Home in SAP S/4HANA Cloud. Simultaneously, the Partner enablement sessions ran on a parallel track, featuring discussions on SAP Enable Now & SAP Fiori Apps Reference Library.

A User research session

Post-lunch, both the User Research and Partner enablement sessions carried on. The Partners delved into an insightful session on Collaborative ERP, followed by an engaging expert session featuring some experts from SAP. During the discussions, the partners exhibited remarkable enthusiasm, actively participating, and showcasing their passion for the topics at hand. The partners' eagerness to contribute and ask thoughtful questions showcased their deep involvement and investment in the discussions, making the sessions truly valuable and enriching.

The success of WLF Day in Bengaluru was evident not only in the positive feedback received from participants but also in the impact it had on the Cloud ERP product teams and the User Research community. Attendees left the event feeling empowered, equipped with new knowledge, and inspired to implement the learnings. We take the feedback coming from our end users like “Gold” with our promise to work on these and get better with our User Experience journey. The event's success in Bengaluru has set the stage for future editions that promise to continue pushing the boundaries of user experience.

Overall, the WLF Day in Bengaluru demonstrated the growing importance of User Research in the region and served as a catalyst for knowledge exchange, fostering a vibrant community of Cloud ERP product teams and Customer end users advancing the field.