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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

All events depicted in this blog are entirely my personal views and not of my company. Because I spend (as per my pay-check) 25% of my life (40hrs-week) and actually much more than that, I used this forum to share how I am. Please don't think anything otherwise.

Considering that I started back in SAP when desktops were still in fashion and only the top management would actually have access to laptops, the habit of working from home never was created. It was only when Björn Goerke started the program of TGIF and our managers were open for once a week working from home, that it started. I have to say, I was set in my ways to work in office. No matter how small the laptop became, the monitors were always there. Even a desktop to manage all our build landscape. No matter it is the BANGALORE traffic (with metro construction) or the Bay Area (101 or 280) traffic, I had to drive to office and because I am moron who loves to drive. With introduction of Scoop/Waze it became really easy to drive through the morning/evening peak rush-hours with someone to talk to. Let us all b***-about things which aren't great.

But that is all history now. With you-know-what* has happened, because of you-know-who** we are locked in to our houses along with our pets and/or family or to put it in the right order, they are locked in with us (the trouble makers).

I thought I will spend an hour gathering my thoughts of the first week; it is easy to survive the first week. We don't know how long this goes on; it might have only just begun. So far it is blocking us till April 15th, but this could go on much longer. So if when it is mid of April and I want to pull my hair going crazy because I can't go play tennis or I can go watch a movie or I miss watching cricket, I might look back what I really did in the first week of "shelter-in-home", to reassure it is really just a mindset.

Avoiding Junk/Log what you eat

The virus and my growing belly came at the same time. Two very unrelated events and any thoughts you are having are to be ignored. I just happened to realize one of these work from home days (not because of virus; but too many meetings & traffic), that I am hogging loads of calories. I have Costco Cookies, Lays Chips, Fried peanuts and Soda (cold-drink) all at a hands distance. So the 2hrs of commute time I had every day, I converted them into workout times. I made an attempt to use the My Fitness Pal app to log what I am eating.

Workout / #100DaysOfHealth

People can workout crazily; I see it in bay area people being so dedicated towards health. I think it puts a peer pressure on me all the time. Also, it rains less, so I can play tennis, which really shows me the mirror that how horrible was my health. Now every year during winters, I stuff myself like bear and grow fat and before Summers (tennis season), I workout to make myself fit.

Along with it, I found this dope-site about 100DaysofX where the author has made #100DaysOfCode super popular. I went for the #100DaysOfHealth to start with, to check, can I really, truly, every day, add exercise like sleeping, eat, brushing activity. I don't think I am so dedicated; I think I can even give excuses to my brain into believing I can't. I am writing this on day 10 and if I go today for run or an indoor workout - I will reach 10% of what I aimed for.

Join me if you want as there aren't many people tagging themselves about the health thing. You will get to know about the @theBodyCoach fitness videos which I have started to enjoy (even though I am not as good as I want to me).

We got $100 Fundraiser done

Before my daughter's school closed, there was Pennies for Patient program where the daughter's school Ardenwood Elementary school is participated, sent for kids to participate. My daughter was just excited about get the Pizza party if she is able to collect money. At 6.5yrs as a 1st grader, priorities in life are much simple.

I on the other hand got the first time social-responsibility 'kick'. I know, I have never been able to do what my company inspires everyone to participate. Like health, I have given excuses towards it too. I want to concentrate towards my work, my family. I am not in the privileged category to spend my time. Turns out I can; just that like every other things in my life, I have to concentrate NOT on the result, but associate the task with something I love - My daughter in this case. She wanted it and I have to do it.

So the ideas started flowing, I got the FACEBOOK FUNDRAISER page up; I got the YOUTUBE videos of my daughter doing activities. It took us less than a week to gather all the funds. In case after reading this, you are interested, do let me know first. I am not sure with school closing what the rules are for funds about the target.

Arts and Crafts

I have in past joined my daughter to do lot of activities like coloring book and reading. Somehow as she grows up and start doing her things, it got lost in time. It was a very interesting how a festival I have no connection to (except the guinness), I found it really interesting when my daughter was making this drawing. And she says, "it is the leprechaun, with the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow" - I only say, "Your drawing is as beautiful as you are avika".

No coffee machine

I always wanted to use this stripe once!!! Truly work from home, the one thing I miss is the instant coffee and not the work associated with it. I am thankful to the team of 9 members who take care of the 6-7 buildings in Palo Alto office. They are truly remarkable in helping us not bother about where things are coming on.

But then it gave me the breaks; I switched to "real" Tea instead of coffee and I reduce the overall intake of caffeine. This is me, then making a bucket loads and also helping my partner have home made tea.

Scolding my parents

My father just turned 70.

And my mother is not behind by much. Though my mother can manage staying at home considering the generation she comes from, my father is a workaholic. He needs to go to his electronics manufacturing plant to see all the work is going on or not. I got a chance to be the parent for once.

Doesn't matter whether the virus has been detected or not in that region of India he lives in; but the virus has been affecting older people. I got mad at him for going out. If I can do it; so can he. We are cut of the same cloth.


Life, it is a mystery but at the end it is so simple. Simple things excites us, make us laugh and keeps us occupied. I haven't seen anything like this; anxiety is real, but at the end - life will happen no matter what comes-or-goes. We can either cry over it or look into them to find our own enjoyment or the pain (associated with exercise).



* - I don't want to take that name anymore. Heard it so many times.

** - I don't know, but everyone has their own views. To avoid this post converted into something it isn't, I used the HARRY POTTER reference to create layer of abstraction. Replace whatever you think is right.