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With releases S/4HANA Cloud 1911 and S/4HANA OnPremise 1909 FPS1, we came up with a new functionality for Fiori apps Map Payment Format Data and Map Treasury Correspondence Format Data.

This functionality enables the user to create backup versions and store different versions of format mappings (including temporary ones). This could be useful for example when you want to make some changes to your format mapping, but you still want to keep the old version.

The versions can be managed in a new dropdown list available next to the name of the format mapping.

The versions are segmented into Working Versions and Backup Versions. They are arranged in descending order according to the time of creation.

The version type is shown in the Description section.


Version types

Working Versions

SAP S/4HANA Cloud: format mapping is prepared to be deployed or has already been deployed to productive system


SAP S/4HANA On-Premise: format mapping is stored in the request
Maintenance Format mapping was not released yet or its changes were not released yet
Maintenance (Draft) This is a user-specific version that can be edited only by the user who created this version and its data is not stored in the database. When you save the format mapping, the version changes to Maintenance. This means that the version has been stored in the database and can be edited by other users.
Note: Learn more about draft.


Backup Versions
User Backup Generated by the user to store draft maintenance version
Automatic Backups Automatically generated backup when the format mapping is imported or released


Version Management

In Actions, the user can either edit the maintenance version, display other versions, delete backup versions, or restore to maintenance version. Be careful, when you restore version to maintenance version, the restored version replaces the maintenance version and the draft version is lost.


Generating Backup Version

The new Generate Backup button is available on the top of the screen in editing mode, and it allows the creation of a backup version from the draft maintenance version you are editing. Once you press this button, a new version is created in the backup section of the version management.

The backup versions are used to store drafts of the maintenance version. It is useful when you want to make some changes to your format mapping, but you still want to keep the old version.


Restoring Backup Version

Restoring version to maintenance version is available in version management or is accessible through the button ‘Restore to Maintenance Version’ in the top-right corner.


Learn more about Version Management.

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What do you think about the Version Management? Please let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.