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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Are you familiar with the Value & Innovation in Practice (VIP) program?  If not, please do yourself a favor and join us for one or more session(s) at SuccessConnect Las Vegas.  These sessions will give you a taste of what customers around the globe experience during an in-person VIP event.  Interactive, highly engaging conversations will unfold and encourage knowledge sharing amongst the audience.  Don’t worry, your pressing questions will be answered too!

We have designed these sessions to help existing customers achieve greater value from their SAP SuccessFactors solution implementations, which is what the VIP is all about.  Helping our customers maximize their investment in our technology and drive business results.  Over 20 VIP events have taken place around the globe in the first half of 2016 alone and we have reached over 3000 individual customers.  During these events we listened to your feedback, questions, concerns, etc. and put together sessions at SuccessConnect to help further drive your HR transformations.

Above is a picture from our South LMS VIP Throwdown hosted by AGCO in Duluth, GA.  We had 4 customer contestants (i.e. AGCO, Carolinas HealthCare System, Newell Brands and PulteGroup) participate for an opportunity to compete in the LMS Throwdown Championship being held at SuccessConnect Las Vegas!  Check out the session to see what our customers are doing and achieving with the LMS solution, and have a voice in the selection of the LMS Throwdown Champion! 

For more information about the VIP program, check out on the Customer Community here!

On Tuesday, August 30th and Wednesday, August 31st we will cover a range of topics under the track “Value & Innovation in Practice (VIP): Best practices and a whole lot more.”  Check them out as follows: 

Digital Inclusiveness: Using Technology to Support Gender Equity

Research has shown there are tremendous financial and operational benefits to organizations that provide equitable access to opportunities for all employees regardless of gender. However, gender equity remains a major business challenge for most organizations, with many companies struggling to consistently build and maintain a diverse workforce. In this session diversity experts and customers discuss the role human capital management technology can play in addressing gender equity issues related to attracting, hiring, managing, developing, compensating, promoting, and retaining a diverse workforce.

SAP SuccessFactors Cloud Recruiting VIP Throwdown Championship

Do you want to learn from companies that are using tools in the SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting solution to add significant value to their business? If your answer is yes, join us for this session where the four regional Throwdown winners present their SAP SuccessFactors cloud recruiting processes. Each customer will deliver a short presentation, and SAP SuccessFactors cloud recruiting experts (aka celebrity judges) will provide commentary on the strengths associated with each process. At the end of the presentations, you will be able to vote for the North American Cloud Recruiting VIP Throwdown Champion!

SAP SuccessFactors Learning Management System VIP Throwdown Championship

Are you interested in seeing how other organizations are utilizing their learning management system (LMS) to have the greatest possible impact? If your answer is yes join us for this session where the four regional Throwdown winners present their SAP SuccessFactors LMS processes. Each customer will deliver a short presentation, and SAP SuccessFactors LMS experts (aka celebrity judges) will provide commentary on the strengths associated with each process. At the end of the presentations, you will be able to vote for the North American LMS VIP Throwdown Champion!

Changing Trends in Total Rewards Strategy

What does COLA stand for? Answer: M-E-R-I-T. With merit and salary budgets that are much smaller than in years past, it's a challenge to differentiate performance with such limited tools. Organizations are shifting their pay practices to drive behavior and breathe life into "total rewards" programs. Join us for this interactive discussion on changing trends in total rewards, bonuses, spot bonuses, peer-to-peer recognition, work-life balance, development, and other programs that organizations are leveraging to attract, motivate, and retain employees.

Performance Management Acceleration: Get Your Questions Answered

This interactive session is designed to answer your questions regarding the performance management version 12 (PMv12) functionality in the SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite. Take a closer look at the new functionality available for admins to configure, and explore the recent enhancements. Learn how to customize your form, and see before-and-after examples of customer-transformed forms. We will also examine how customers are using PM12v to have their performance processes support their talent programs and corporate cultural needs, and to drive results in their organization.

Demystifying Integrations and Understanding HR's Role in Them

From application programming interfaces (APIs) to middleware to data mapping, the need for integrations has led to a new language and a new set of tools to help us manage our systems and data. This work is often left to IT; however, HR should play a key role in ensuring integrations are in place to maintain data integrity and minimize ongoing manual work, freeing HR to do more strategic work. In this session, we’ll use layman's terms to review common integration concepts. We’ll explain our current tools and how these are being used today. Most important, we'll discuss HR's role in implementation projects and ongoing maintenance to ensure integrations are sound and valid. Attendees will be polled throughout the session and encouraged to ask questions and network with others who are managing integrations. Topics to be covered include the purpose of integrations, common terminology, available tools and common use cases, HR's role in integrations, “gotchas,” and ongoing maintenance.

Effectively Managing and Marketing SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Within Your Organization

Implementing the SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central solution is a journey that requires involvement by multiple teams, making key process decisions along the way. However, your organization's priorities evolve, and you will need to upgrade the system's features to keep it relevant. How do you effectively manage the system, market it, and train users to ensure they keep actively using the system and updating their information? In this session, you will hear a panel of participants describe some creative tactics that companies are using to get users’ attention. You can also network with peers to learn effective strategies to keep your solution valued and leveraged across the organization.

How SAP SuccessFactors User Groups Can Work For You!

This session is a great opportunity for customers to meet to discuss and exchange information regarding user groups within the SAP SuccessFactors solutions customer community. This is for the purpose of fostering collaboration and networking among user groups as well as promoting their use. During this session, customers will share examples of how the user groups support each other and discuss how SAP can provide more support. It will be a great forum for sharing best practices and exchanging tips and tricks.

We will be joined by top-notch internal experts as well as customers that have demonstrated a stellar adoption of our solutions and have lessons learned and best practices to share with the masses.

Please join me in exploring these topics further during our upcoming SuccessConnect events… look forward to seeing you there!

SuccessConnect Las Vegas, August 29-31