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Hello All ,

My name is Payel and I am an SAP Functional Consultant in the Supply Chain Area. I am currently working on SAP S/4HANA Cloud Implementation Project . My blog post is a step by step guide to answer an issue I faced during the customer implementation .

Problem statement : Customer wanted to remove some apps from the Business catalog . This is not possible as Business catalog are the smallest building block . So we had to use the functionality of spaces and pages to achieve this.

The role BR_EMPLOYEE_PROCUREMENT contains the catalog SAP_MM_BC_PR_PROCESS_PC which has the below apps

Confirm Receipt of Goods - New

Create Purchase Requisition

My Purchase Requisitions

Upload Supplier Invoices

But the customer did not want the upload Supplier Invoices app on the role.

Here is a step by step guide that I followed to achieve this.


  1. Creating SPACES and PAGES

Go to the app Manage Launchpad Spaces . Click on create and enter the below details . Please check the create Page check box so that a page can be simultaneously created as shown below


In the Pages tab click on the Page

In the Page Content click on Edit and search for catalog

In our case we have selected the SAP_MM_BC_PR_PROCESS_PC catalog as we want to remove an app from this catalog

Since we want only 3 of the apps and not upload supplier invoice app we select only those 3 and add them to our page


When we click on Page Preview this is how our new page looks like

We will click on save . Also we can see our space is assigned to the Page


2. Assigning the newly created Launchpad Space to our Role

Go to the Maintain Business Role app and assign our newly created space ZZZ_EMPLOYEE_SELFSERVICE to our role.


Click on space.

3. The next step is to configure the Spaces.

For this go to the app Manage launchpad Settings


Here you have 2 options on Spaces.

If you enable the button for SPACES user will not be allowed to switch between Fiori Launchpad Spaces and Classic Home Page, they will only see the Fiori Launchpad Spaces. However if you want the user to allow an option to do the switch , select ON button for SPACES_ENABLE_USER

For our case we have enabled the SPACES_ENABLE_USER.

4. The Final step is to enable SPACE in our home page user setting. Click on space


This is how the final page looks like when Spaces is checked.


To summarize this post helps to add or remove apps using spaces and pages .

Thank you for your time in reading the Blog Post. Please provide your feedback in the comment section on the post.