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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

With SAP S/4HANA 2021 Key User Extensibility Fields can be used to extend the output of Structure Reports (and others) in Project System Infosystem.
In my previous blog I described how you can create new custom fields via key user extensibility and add these to the Project System maintenance transactions. Please check this to get a general understanding how to add key user extensibility fields to PS. 

Business Contexts for Reports
To use the custom fields in the respective report, it is essential to understand which Business Context is relevant for your report. Below table gives an overview of the reports, supported by key user extensibility, and the relevant Business Context.

ReportBusiness Context
CN40/CNS40 Project OverviewSTRUCR-based -> *Any project structure related
CN41/CNS41/CN41N Structure OverviewSTRUCR-based -> *Any project structure related
CN42/CNS42/CN42N Overview: Project DefinitionsProject Definition Details
CN43/CNS43/CN4N Overview: WBS ElementsWBS Element Details
CN44/CNS44/C44N Overview: Planned OrdersManufacturing: Planned Order Header
CN45/CNS45/CN45N Overview: OrdersManufacturing: Planned Order Header
CN46/CNS46/CN46N Overview: NetworksOrder Master Data
CN47/CNS47/CN47N Overview: Activities/ElementsNetwork Activity Details
CN48/CNS48/CN48N Overview: ConfirmationsManufacturing: Order Confirmation
CN49/CNS49/CN49N Overview: RelationshipsNetwork Activity Details
CN50/CNS50/CN50N Overview: Capacity RequirementsNetwork Activity Details
CN51/CNS51/CN51N Overview: PRTsNetwork Activity Details
CN52/CNS52/CN52N Overview: ComponentsProject Material Component Details
CN53/CNS53/CN53N Overview: MilestonesProject Milestones Details
CNS54/CN54N Overview: Sales DocumentAccounting: Coding Block
CN55N Overview: Sales and Dist. Doc. ItemsAccounting: Coding Block
CN60/CNS60 Change Documents for Projects/Netw.*Any project structure related
CN70 Overview: Batch variantsSTRUCR-based -> *Any project structure related
CN71/CNS71 Create versionsSTRUCR-based -> *Any project structure related
CNS83 PS: Archiving project - Info SystemSTRUCR-based -> *Any project structure related
CNB1 Purchase requisitions for projectAccounting: Coding Block
CNB2 Purchase orders for projectAccounting: Coding Block
CNMT Milestone Trend AnalysisSTRUCR-based -> *Any project structure related
CNE5/CNSE5 Progress AnalysisSTRUCR-based -> *Any project structure related
CNPAR Partner Overview

Project Definition Details

WBS Element Details
CJCD Change documents: WBS*Any project structure related
CODC Change Documents for Network*Any project structure related

*Any project structure related  means you can use fields included in the Business Contexts: Project Definition Details, WBS Element Details, Order Master Data, Network Activity Details, Project Material Component Details or Project Milestone Details.

STRUCR-based -> *Any project structure related means the report includes information on multiple project structure objects. Therefore, the extensibility fields are not included automatically in the reporting structure. To add the extensibility fields, extend the include CI_STRUCR by adding the persistency include of the project structure element:

    • Project Definition: INCL_EEW_PROJ_PS
    • WBS Element: INCL_EEW_PRPS_PS
    • Network Header: INCL_EEW_AUFK_PS
    • Network Activity: AFVC_INCL_EEW_PS
    • Project Material Component: INCL_EEW_RSADD_PS
    • Project Milestone Details: INCL_EEW_MLST_PS

This ensures all selected fields are included in the STRUCR-based reports.

Adding Custom Fields to Report

To include the custom field in your report, first add a custom field to the business context, e.g. ZWBSLocation to the Context WBS Element Details, and publish the changes. As a second step, you need to include the extensibility fields into the SAP Project System Infosystem structures as described in SAP Note 43493.

In our example, the ZWBSLocation field can be used e.g. on the WBS Element Overview reports. Via Change Layout the custom fields can be added by the user to the output list.


WBS Element Overview with Custom Field

Note: The error message ‘Field xxx is unknown’ appears if you add an extensibility field that is not included in the SAP Project System Infosystem structures to the report output. If this happens, check if the fields are properly added as described in SAP Note 43493.

For Change Documents (CN60/CNS60, CJCD, COCD) and Batch Variants (CN70) the custom fields are automatically added to the report output.


Change Documents Report with Custom Fields

For Milestone Trend Analysis (CNMT) the custom fields are only visible in the table view.


Milestone Trend Analysis with Custom Fields

Maintaining Custom Fields

To maintain the values for the custom fields, depending on the business contexts, you need to use different applications

    • Extensibility fields for project structure related fields are maintained in SAP Project System maintenance transactions (e.g. Project Builder).
    • Extensibility fields for Manufacturing: Planned order header is maintained in Manufacturing maintenance transactions (e.g. transaction Change Planned Order (MD12)).
    • Extensibility fields for Accounting: Coding Block and Manufacturing: Order confirmation is maintained using an API.