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Project Structure (PS-ST)

Project Definition&WBS-element

Project/WBS-element Creation

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Deciding on a Project Coding Mask

Project creation in MTO

Change multi-language text for project profile in one time

Authorization according to Project Profile

Enhancements in SAP Project Systems Assembly Processing

SAP PS Assembly Processing: Multiple sales documents per project definition

SAP PS Assembly Processing: Create WBS elements without network activity assignment


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Using Validations in Project System with Examples

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Writing Validations in Project System

Validation to restrict creation of wbs upto 4th level

Status Control

1) Blog Post

Status Selection Profiles as a useful reporting functionality in SAP PS

Why the user status can't be changed backward?

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Prevent release of WBS-element before Budgeting

Prevent Changing the WBS ID After Release

Status Combination Codes in WBS


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Prevent automatic Release for NWA once the Network header is Released

Project System - Standard networks variant configuration

Assembly Processing - Classification in Standard Network Determination

How to Display critical Activities clubbed together without disturbing the Activity Links in Gnatt C...

Shortdump RAISE_EXCEPTION occurs in transaction IW32

How to create project work center and how to assign rate to activity type

SAP PS Assembly Processing: Standard network selection based on parameters other than material maste...


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Project System - Report to replace ACL user

Handling Large Project

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Do you know the new data sets added for Project editor(PSHLP20) in SAP ERP 6.0 EHP6?


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Purchase Requisitions from Project Systems Material Components: BOM Explosion

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Subcontracting in PS

Asset Procurement Against Project

Technical Information


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SAP PS Tables

PS Database Tables

SAP PS- Useful Tables Linkage to fetch data from various tables


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Function calls for adding a standard project sub-structure in SAP Project System

Function calls for standard project structure copy in SAP Project System

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SAP - Finding tables/BAPIs SAP component/Sub-component wise

Project Information System (PS-IS)

General Information for Hierarchy Reports

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Remove PS Info System pop-up for Database Profile

Period mapping to calendar month.

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Report mapping

Usefull report for PS for Project Managers/Directors

PS Reports Graphical Output Saving Default or Individual User layouts

Cost Element Value Categories for Hierarchy Reporting (PS and PM)

Additional/Customer Fields

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S_alr_87013558 Addition of New Field as Value category on selection screen using report painter

Embed Custom Fields of WBS in Standard Report CJI3

Line Item Reports

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Scheduling a background job: CJI3

Data Discrepance

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Difference between the Reports :  S_ALR_87013558 & CJI3

Inconsistent of S_ALR_87013573

Project Costs (PS-COS)


1) Blog Post

Error log of ML81N 
SAP Availability Control: Define exceptions based on parameters other than cost element

2) Documents

How to create custom message for budget availability control notifications and mail

How to exclude multiple accounts and Recovery indicators in AVAC

SAP PS - Configure Budget Availability Control

Steps to de-activate AVAC for Individual WBS element using User Status

Budget Functionality in Project System

Exclude ‘AVAC’ partially in a AVACed SAP-PS project-Option(s)

Project Budget Transferred not visible in report CJI8 (CJ34)

CJBV does not activate availability control after upgrade.


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BDC for CJIC (Automation of Line Item Settlement Rule creation)

Generate settlement rules for Network Activities

Easy Cost Plan

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Customizing for Easy Cost Planning (ECP)

Easy Cost Planning (ECP) - Estimation


1) Blog Post
Internal Orders to Project Systems

Cost Distribution from a common WBS element

Project Revenues and Earnings (PS-REV)

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SAP Results Analysis for Beginners

Work In Process Calculation

Results Analysis - Completed Contract Method (CCM)

Time-Based Progress Analysis in Project System (Revenue Recognition)

Project Progress (PS-PRG)

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Progress Analysis with SKF in PS

Project Cash Management (PS-CAF)

1) Blog Post

A cockpit to efficiently and flexibly manage customer-specific KPIs for projects

2) Documents

Termination with error FI057 when posting a document

Time Sheet Integration Project System (CA-TS-PS)

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Improve CATS reporting for SAP PS with SQVI table join

Optimize CATS data transfer jobs with system variables

Other Topics

1) Blog Post

Aware of SAP Wiki for Project System

SAP CPM 2.0 integration with SAP PS

Architecture and functionality of extended project management tools for SAP PS

New PS Solution - SAP Commercial Project Management

SAP Project Systems- It's Future!!!

2) Documents

Establishing a coherent solution design in SAP ERP to serve the EC&O Business Firms (Part 1)

Establishing a coherent solution design in SAP ERP to serve the EC&O Business Firms (Part 2)

Archival - Appropriation Request

Consumer Products Industry- Technological Solution

SAP S/4 HANA 1511 Edition Simplification List for SAP PS


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