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Most SAP EAM customers need outstanding user experience for their EAM solution, which is why over the last few releases SAP has taken various actions to improve the user’s experience within EAM applications. One of the greatest strengths of the SAP EAM solution is its high flexibility to adapt its functions and features. Yet one of the major challenges of this flexibility is to provide consistent applications that help in normalizing varied types of data and give consistent insight into asset performance.

The SAP EAM development team has leveraged various technologies (Such as: Simplified text search, capabilities to mass change information, use of copy functions, etc.) to clean and normalize data. This normalized and clean data can be used to get deep insight into the reliability, availability and maintainability of assets. New SAP solutions will use this data in Fiori-based insight to action apps that will provide actionable insight.

What is a Usability Lab and what opportunities will it provide for user testers?

Usability testing is a method by which users of a product are asked to perform certain tasks in an effort to measure the product’s ease-of-use, task time, and the user’s perception of the experience. SAP uses modern human machine interface paradigms in which users are given a working prototype which simulate real life working conditions and are asked to provide feedback about their experience in completing similar tasks in their daily work.

The usability testing at the SAP-Centric EAM 2017 conference will give users the chance to review a set of apps primarily design to help maintenance planners to perform their day to day maintenance planning tasks on a prototype application. An SAP user experience expert will note the feedback from user’s and identify possibilities to improve the screen layout and interaction that best meets the user’s needs.

Developing a product that meets user’s needs at design time is much more effective than altering the product later in the development lifecycle or after it has been released. This collaboration between SAP development teams and actual users, help SAP EAM user communities to provide the best possible user experience to all users.

How to register for participation?

Following are two perquisite to participate in this test event

  1. You will need to sign a Usability feedback agreement

  2. You should also be registered for the SAP-Centric EAM 2017 conference.

Interested participants should select one of the time slots listed below and inform Hemant.Rathod@sap.com to book the slot. Each slot will be confirmed on a first come first served basis. Participants will be provided with a basic scenario and tasks to use with the mock-ups, but can also explore different scenarios if they want to within the allotted time slot.

What benefits will participants have?

Participants will receive an early view of the insight to action applications that the SAP development team is currently working on. They would get additional information about future SAP products and possibly make better decisions about their own system landscape roadmap based on what they learned during this session.

Slots for testing

Slots for 6th March 2017

Slot Time from Time to
U1.1 10:00 AM 10:45 AM
U1.2 11:00 AM 11:45 AM
U1.3 1:00   PM 1:45   PM
U1.4 2:00 PM 2:45   PM


Slots for 7th March 2017

Slot Time from Time to
U2.1 10:00 AM 10:45 AM
U2.2 11:00 AM 11:45 AM
U2.3 1:00   PM 1:45   PM
U2.4 2:00 PM 2:45   PM