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As pricing specialist, you always get excel file which list prices for products with different or same validity period. In past way, you need to manually input the product in system and update the price one by one. But now, on Manage Prices - Sales App, you can import excel file directly and update all prices for all products within one click.

Function List

Upload prices via excel has below functions:

  • Import

  • Export

  • Download Template

  • View Import History

  • Import condition records: Click Import button, you can create or update condition records by importing a template-based spreadsheet.

    Export condition records: Click Export button, you can export all displayed condition as spreadsheet according to the template.

    Download Template: Click Download Template, you can get the template spreadsheet according to the input Condition Type and Key Combination. Note: You can download template without input filter, but it is really not suggested to do this.

    View Import History: Click View Import History, you can view details of your imports. And track the status and correct import errors or view imported data by downloading them to a spreadsheet.

    Below import status for import action:

    • In Progress

    • Success

    • Partial Success

    • Failed

    • System Error

    • Note: For system error status, you can click the hints to check the message and follow the guidance.

      Sync and Async Upload

      Manage Prices - Sales App will automatically trigger the import mode by sync or async. If the excel file size large than 100KB, then async import will be trigged, otherwise sync import will be trigged.

      For sync mode, you will get the import result directly with prompt up dialog box. For async mode, you can click View Import History button on the prompt up dialog box, and see all the import logs in the import history page.

      How to Use Template

      The better way to upload prices via spreadsheet is export existing condition records, after change or add new condition records, then import the updated spreadsheet. But sometimes, you need to create new condition records which is not existed in system. For this case, you need download the template and manually input value in each column.

      Before download template, you need input condition type and key combination. So that the template will be downloaded with all fields for specific condition type. It is also support input multiple condition types and key combinations. Such as below, set Condition Type as ZPR0 and Key Combination as 305:

      After click Download Template button, the template will be downloaded for ZPR0 - 305. There are two sheets on template file:

      • Field List: List the field description and supported value

      • Condition Data: List condition key for all combination and data columns

      • Example for importing condition record without scale line

        Based on above template, you can copy data to template from other excel, the Product and Customer column need input product ID and customer ID. Below example is for create two new condition records for condition type ZPR0 and key combination 305.

        Note: You can delete the row 1 to row 6 which list the key combination.

        Example for importing condition record with scale line

        You also can create condition record with scale lines which if marked "Is Scale" as value "X". Below is example for create condition record with quantity scale lines.


        • The amount for first scale line should same as condition record amount

        • The scale lines in system will be always replaced by the scale lines in spreadsheet

        • Example for importing condition record with supplement

          You can create condition record with supplement lines, below example create two supplement lines.

          Export Prices Data as Excel File

          Normally, you use template to create new condition record. But for update existing condition records, it is better to download existed condition record as excel file. Before export the condition records, you'd better to set filter to find the necessary condition records.

          Such as below, set Condition Type as ZPR0 and PPR0, set Key Combination as 305, set Customer as 10100001 and 10100003, set Product as TG11 and TG12. Click Go button, you will get all condition records, then click Export button, all the displayed condition records will be downloaded as new excel file.

          In the downloaded excel, you will found more than 7 lines existed in excel file, as the supplement and scale lines will be exported together in the excel file.

          Notes: For Product and Customer fields, you can input multiple filter value, but suggest to input less than 100 ones.

          Upload Prices with Sync Mode

          Import condition records with excel file which size less than 100KB, then sync mode will be trigged. You will get the import result directly in few seconds. Below example showed import successful and import failed case.

          Upload Prices Successfully

          Import condition records can update existing condition records and create new conditions records together in one action. You also can create or update condition records for multiple condition types.

          Below excel file list condition records for condition type ZPR0 and PPR0 which include create and update actions. Update the amount and condition validity for existing lines and create new lines with new condition validity.

          Click Import button on App homepage, select the file path and click Import button on the prompt dialog. You will get below message for success import.

          Close the message and check all the condition records are imported successfully on App.

          Click View Import History button, the import history page will be showed. You will see the import log for above excel file, after select the log line, the Download Imported Records button enabled.

          You can click above button, then the imported condition records will be downloaded as excel file.

          Upload Prices Failed

          In the condition records excel file, sometimes will contains invalid or incorrect data for corresponding column. Before importing the condition records to system, all the condition records will be checked by system. And the error message will be collected for each condition record line.

          Below excel file list condition records for condition type ZPR0 and PPR0 which include create and update actions. Update or create the condition records with invalid validity or invalid amount or invalid product.

          Import above excel file, you will get error message below.

          Click the Download button, new excel file will be downloaded with error message and related condition record lines. According to the error message, you can update the excel file with a valid value, then import this file again and no need to update the original excel.

          Click View Import History button, on the Import History page, you will see the import failed line with Failed status. In this page, you also can download the excel file with error message after click Download Failed Records button.

          Upload Prices with Async Mode

          Upload Prices Partially Success

          If the file size large than 100KB, the App will automatically change the import mode to async. In this mode, you will waiting some time to get the import result. Go to Import History page and do manual re-fresh to get the import status.

          Below excel file include about 1045 condition record lines, contains create and update operation for condition records. And also include some lines with invalid date format or condition amount.

          Import above excel, you will get below prompt up message, compare as sync import, you will not get the result immediately.

          Click Import History button, new Import History page will be opened, you will see the import line with result In Progress, in this status, you only can click Go button to refresh it.

          After some seconds, you will get the import result with Partial Success:

          For partial success status, click Download Failed Records button, you can download excel file which contains condition record lines with error message. Click Download Imported Records button, you can download excel file for imported condition record lines.

          Click Back button, you will go back to App home page. On this page, you can input filter to list all changed condition records.

          Notes: You can copy the Customer or Product in downloaded excel file and paste to App filter as equal condition.


          1.Could I upload prices with large excel file?

          Answer: Yes, you can, but too large file will cause system dump. So suggest upload excel file less or equal than 3MB.

          2.Could I download pricing condition records as large excel file?

          Answer: Yes, you can, but suggest to download less than 30 thousand condition records lines per time as an excel file.

          3.Could I download pricing condition records with description? Such as for Customer and Product?

          Answer: No, you can't. Currently, the description will not be downloaded for pricing condition records in excel file.

          4.What should I do if upload prices with System Error status?

          Answer: In async import mode, if the import job executed failed or other un-expected net-work issue or un-expected system dump, system error status will be showed. In this case, you can re-import or reduce the excel file less than 3MB per time.