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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

This blog is for Upgrade from S/4HANA 1610FPS1 to 1809FPS0 - t2 of the upgrade steps to be done in sequence below. Maintenance Planner (MP) checks your components, add-ons, active business functions and industry solutions to ensure compatibility with the SAP S/4HANA 1809FPS0. This is a mandatory step that creates the stack file used during the t4 - SUM tool process. We will focus on Sandbox type system with co-deployed (embedded) gateway.

Download the Maintenance Planner User Guide for reference

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 Please login to Maintenance Planner to access system assigned to your S-user. Please ensure landscape data is uploaded to SAP support portal via LMDB of SAP Solution Manager. The system that you are converting has to be defined in OSS under your customer ID. The diagram below shows the Maintenance Planner cloud service and how it integrates with Customer system.

System data is uploaded to the Customer Profile via SLD and LMDB; in the Maintenance Planner changes are defined and stack.xml and download basket are prepared. Consuming tools are Software Provisioning Manager Software (SWPM), Software Update Manager (SUM). etc.

From LMDB the data is uploaded to customer profile in SAP support portal using Solman daily job – Landscape Fetch.

TIP1: If there is issue in replicating you may be asked to apply Note 2186164 – Problem in replicating systems to Maintenance PlannerAlso apply min SPAM 69 in source system.

TIP2: Maintenance planner separates data based on Customer Number. So ensure you use same customer number to define system in sapnet using the S-user id belonging to this same Customer number.

TIP3: It is recommended to connect your system to Solution Manager but if it is not yet connected or if it is not updating Maintenance Planner (MP) correctly, please use this workaround to Add System in MP. But in this case please ensure all Add-Ons and Business Functions are correctly recognized.

Logon to the S/4HANA backend system in client 000Enter tCode SPAM -> Utilities -> Generate system info XML -> download file.If the above menu option is not available, run report  RSLANG20 as per Note 2645566 - Option SPAM->Utilities->Generate System info XML is missing

TIP4: In case your system is at a stack level below minimum, DMO/SUM tool will stop with error at PREP_INPUT_CHECK/SUMCHK. The release note 2625407 has details on minimum netweaver stack level required. The stack.xml should be created only after this.


We will create stack.xml. In Maintenance Planner click on Explore Systems

Click on (1) Add System and choose file system info_<SID>.xml and confirm upload

Your system should be available in Maintenance Planner as shown above (2) S4H.

TIP: For Central HUB deployment follow the above steps to Add the Front End Server to Maintenance Planner.

Click on S4H System above.  If the status of Verify is ERROR you will have to click and answer questions that come up.and then Save/Activate.

You may choose the Plan for S/4HANA tile from logon screen and then choose the system you want to upgrade.This is the recommended method.

Alternatively click on Plan below after the previous step.:
Click on (1) Plan an SAP S/4HANA Upgrade, (2) SAP S/4HANA 1809, (3) Initial Shipment Stack, (4) select any of the components needed and Click on Confirm Selection and Click on Next.

You may get messages like below:

The Business Function LOG_EHS_PSS_CONC4PSS would be deleted during the upgrade. Refer Note 2240359 - SAP S/4HANA: Always-Off Business Functions  There are attachment files with details of Business Functions. You may also like to check if Note 2369043 - SFW: S/4HANA 1610 installations with inconsistent SFW_ACTIVE_B2 content applies.

Also refer Note 2240360 - SAP S/4HANA: Always-On Business Functions

For Add-Ons please refer Note 2214409 - SAP S/4HANA: Compatible Add-ons . For Uninstalling Add-Ons please referNote 2011192 - Uninstallation of ABAP add-ons

Select Linux on x86_64 64 bit, Confirm Selection

Click on Stack Ind files NON-ABAP below
Deselect the languages not applicable as below and click on Next.
In the next screen click on Download Stack XMLDownload Stack Text File, Download PDF and Export to Excel to download the files to your desktop. Out of these you will have to ftp the stack.xml file to the server. It will look something like this – MP_Stack_2000540583_20181011_.xml

Click on Push to Download Basket. This will load the Download Basket with files you need.
In the pdf file downloaded above, in the Planned Changes section there is a link provided that takes you directly to Service Marketplace to download the media.
TIP: After the sandbox upgrade, for upgrading the landscape please download stack.xml for entire landscape - DEV, QAS, PROD, etc as Maintenance Planner may have slight changes over time.

Download all the media into /sapmedia/download. You need the files below for the installation, please check if these are in download folder: SUM20SP03_1-80002456.SAR - or latest version of Software Update Manager.

TIP: To save time needed for scanning files, move files S4HANAOP103_LOAD* to a separate folder like /sapmedia/1809_EXP.

In case you need to upgrade HANA database (min SPS03 Rev 33)please download the files below from Software Downloads => SUPPORT PACKAGES AND PATCHES => SAP HANA PLATFORM EDITION => SAP HANA DATABASE 2.0

You also need to download latest version of the HANA client from Software Downloads => SUPPORT PACKAGES AND PATCHES => SAP HANA PLATFORM EDITION => SAP HANA CLIENT 2.0

Check which plugins are installed in HANA Database using studio, Administration=> Overview.

If you already have or want to install LiveCache you will require the HANA database LCAPPS plugin from Software Downloads => SUPPORT PACKAGES AND PATCHES => SAP HANA PLATFORM EDIT 1.0 =>  HANA LCAPPS => SAP HANA LCAPPS 1.00
TIP: In case the HANA database has AFL plugin installed you will need the corresponding AFL plugin file, download it together. If you download later on, and the available download for HANA server  changes to a higher patch even within rev 33, you cannot just download AFL available at that time  when AFL is at available at higher level. It is recommended to download the needed plugins at same time. Also evaluate the need for plugins and uninstall using hdblcm of the currently installed release before upgrade if not needed.

Download all the media and separate the following into separate directories for convenience under /sapmedia


In addition you will require file crlbag.p7s from https://tcs.mysap.com/crl/crlbag.p7s
When uploading this file to media please include the stack.xml file as this is not included in download.


The Development, Quality, and Production systems are converted at different times. So the stack file can have slightly different component levels although same stack level is selected. So output the stack.xml for the Quality and Production System at same time and freeze the landscape for adding components.

The option of System Track does not work for System Conversions and Upgrade and should not be used..


You can open OSS messages using component BC-UPG-MP


Maintenance Planner User Guide
Maintenance Planner Help Portal
Maintenance Planner – Frequently Asked Questions
Overview of Maintenance Planner


Upgrade Guide - S/4HANA 1909
Upgrading SAP S/4HANA AnyPremise – How, Why, and Best Practices guide now available !

Thank you. Hope you enjoyed the blog !

Mahesh Sardesai
Product Expert – S/4HANA