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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Last week, SAP Montreal witnessed an exceptional 2.5 day workshop that left a lasting impact on its participants. Organized and conducted by trainers Jamil Khan and David Leon, with the collaboration of Louenas Hamdi, Islam El Kady and Laila Benslimane, this highly interactive event saw 24 partner consultants, each a valuable contributor, delve into the depths of SAP S/4HANA Cloud, including topics like Expertise Services, Cloud Mindset, SAP Activate Framework, and much more.


The workshop commenced on July 18, bringing together professionals eager to enhance their implementation skills and broaden their horizons. With topics ranging from system landscape upgrades to data migration and project delivery, the workshop catered to various aspects of SAP implementation and project management.


The hands-on approach to learning was at the heart of this transformative experience. The attendees were divided into three teams of eight members each, fostering teamwork and collaboration while encouraging active participation. Throughout the 2.5-day workshop, engaging exercises challenged the participants, pushing them to excel.

Those who completed all the classroom exercises were given access to a comprehensive assessment and were awarded a SAP badge upon successfully passing the assessment, a symbol of their commitment and accomplishment. The training offered an opportunity to earn a tangible recognition of their newly acquired expertise.


The event received a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 75, reflecting the overwhelming positivity and satisfaction among the attendees. Feedback poured in, commending the trainers' outstanding work and the well-structured curriculum that catered to both novices and experienced professionals alike.


Anonymous feedback received: "I thought the effort and preparation the SAP team out into this was amazing. Particularly Jamil and David. Their breadth and knowledge and willingness to come over to each of us and help out and give pointers was very much appreciated."


The success of the workshop can be attributed to the collective efforts of the trainers, the enthusiastic participation of the attendees, and the conducive learning environment provided by SAP Montreal. It's clear that the event has empowered these professionals to approach their work with newfound knowledge and confidence.


As the curtains draw on this enriching experience, the impact of the workshop at SAP Montreal office will undoubtedly reverberate for a long time, inspiring others to seek excellence in their professional journeys.


Stay tuned for an upcoming GLX workshop in 2023-Q4!