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Hello Everyone,


Lately, I have been asked a lot about Universal Allocation features and restrictions. I thought of addressing it to the larger audience and sharing the insights, which I have attained over a period while intensively working on this topic.


My last blog post (https://blogs.sap.com/2019/09/16/cost-allocation-via-universal-allocation/), talked about cost allocation briefly, and then tried to cover Universal Allocation functionalities in Cloud (1905), and its demo flow.


In this blog post I will try to cover Universal Allocation demo flow after 2002 version Cloud release for which I have incorporated a few other repeatable apps to enhance the demo flow.


Allocation Result: This app has various filters like Fiscal year, view type, allocation context, etc. that enables us to see the allocation cycles which are already executed in the past. The vital function of this app is to provide the reverse run feature through which we can reverse the already executed cycle (as per our business case). Once revered, the documents posted earlier get reversed as well.


Another feature is when we go to see the allocation result; we can see a symbol ‘Network Graph’. It’s a visual representation of the linkage between senders and receivers.



Note- the same functionality was available through ‘Run Allocation’ app in 1905 release, which is changed now.


Run Allocation: After 2002 version release, this app is used to test/actual run of any existing allocation cycles, which can be either standalone or in-group. This app can be navigated from the Manage Allocations app.



Allocation Flow: The reporting features of the application are now well enhanced by providing the visual flow of senders and receivers for an allocation cycle.


Please refer the video available in the below link for an overview of an allocation cycle flow:



Restrictions: Since this whole world is about evolving and getting better, the same goes with Universal Allocation; where, at one end it simplifies so many functionalities, on the other it has some restrictions.

a) Iteration functionality was present in ECC but missing with Universal Allocation. Now, this is again debatable and depends on the business scenario one wants to use. Personally, I won’t ask for it.

b) While creating a segment for an allocation cycle, we will define the sender values, receiver values and other fields where basic cycle consistency check is there, but if we talk about whether it will throw an error for using a cost center that has different currency than all other’s in this cycle,

then - NO, it won’t.

c) One cannot schedule a background job to run these allocation cycles.


I hope, this blog post finds the right audience and might interest them. This is an extended one to my first blog post; so, please go through the first one it as well to get an overall picture. I am very much keen about the feedbacks and responses on this. Looking forward to answer any related questions under best of my capabilities. ?


Feel free to get in touch.


Note- Anyone who has access to SAP Demo Store or SAP Demo Library can also go through the Universal Allocation script.


Thanks & Best Regards

Prakhar Saraswat