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As of SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2308, you now have two versions of the Manage Journal Entries app on your Fiori launchpad, and it’s not a mistake. SAP has decided to release an enhanced version of Manage Journal Entries and keep it alongside the existing version for now. The apps are named Manage Journal Entries (New Version) and Manage Journal Entries (Old Version). That leaves users with a choice. Which version should you use?

As a User Assistance Developer at SAP, I often have the privilege of being the first non-engineer to use a new Fiori app. Today I've been asked to look at the new version of Manage Journal Entries and see how it stacks up to the old version. Let’s check it out.


Manage Journal Entries (New Version)

It’s immediately noticeable there are more buttons on the initial screen. Above the filters you have access to the journal entry verification function, and the change and reversal logs. At the top of the list report, you have buttons for the main journal entry management functions: create, upload, copy, reverse, and create correspondence. You also have a display drop down that allows you to open selected journal entries within related functions, such as a document flow or T-account view. This is a big improvement from the old version, where you have a limited range of related functions, and they aren’t readily available on the screen.


Manage Journal Entries (Old Version)

Beyond the buttons, the new app offers you a larger selection of filters and columns to adapt. You can filter and display fields related to workflow status, parked documents (the new app allows you to display parked documents!), currency, reversals, and taxes, among others. The old app is more limited in this regard.


The split screen in Manage Journal Entries (New Version).

Dig deeper into a journal entry by going to its details, and several differences between the old and new version stand out right away. The journal entry detail opens in a split screen, allowing you to scroll and interact with the main list of journal entries and the detail screen without having to navigate forward and back.


The journal entry detail screen in Manage Journal Entries (New Version).

Buttons for the edit function and other related apps and functions have also moved from the bottom of the screen to the top of the screen, reducing your travel time. Other changes include the new tab for associated journal entries (those that all share the same original reference document) and a toggle button in the line items section for switching between ledger view and entry view. You can also edit line items when you go to the detail screen in the entry view.


The line item detail screen in Entry View within Manage Journal Entries (New Version). Note the Edit button for editing line items - it is only available in the Entry View.

Other enhancements for the new version include the latest SAP Fiori controls (such as Microsoft Teams integration) and customers who use predictive accounting can display predictive journal entries on a dedicated tab in the list report.

Overall, the new version of Manage Journal Entries offers a more thoughtful user experience and greater functionality, so don’t be afraid to try it out. You can share your feedback about the app in our periodic push surveys or using the give feedback button at the top of the app screen. The app will continue to be enhanced with more features and improved usability in upcoming releases.

Check out this video to see the new app in action: