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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Another Year with our U.S. Tax Reporter Year End blog. If you have questions about 2023 Year-End reporting, you can post it here. This blog will be updated with tips, best practices and, SAP Notes related to this subject.

Legal Changes for US

To review the planned Legal changes for US, start the Announcement of Legal Change application. You can find detailed information about the Announcement of legal changes on this blog.

ASUG Webcast

ASUG Webcast: HCM U.S. Payroll and Tax Reporting 2023 Year End Update 

ASUG Webcast for SAP HCM U.S. Payroll and Tax Reporting 2023 Year End Update was conducted on October 5, 2023.

Recording and slide deck for the ASUG webcast can be found at the event page on ASUG website. Slide deck is also attached to SAP Note 3357714.

Notes to be implemented after the Year End Support Package

3415649 - REC: RPCPRRU0 report incorrectly considering the amount of wage types as negative
3411592 - Reconciliation report scheduler: replacing background options values with default values
3397030 - REC: Payroll Reconciliation Report incorrectly considering wage types as tax type
3386241 - REC: RPCPRSU0 report background jobs getting cancelled when no ALV Variant is provided
3383757 - REC: Wage type side effect correction for Payroll Reconciliation Report
3379534 - REC: RPCPRSU0 report spool request not generated when Background Processing option is selected
3407068 - TAX: PPE parameter incorrectly sent in payment types other than regular
3381685 - TR: Form W-2 not being generated for employees that have only manual entries for a Tax Company
3402664 - TR: Medicare wages in W-2C reported even with no changes to Social Security wages

Year End Notes

3357714 - U.S. Tax Reporter Year End 2023 Announcement
3358191 - Year End 2023 Phase I for U.S. Tax Reporter
3377633 - TR: Year End 2023 Phase II for U.S. Tax Reporter
3412754 - TR: Year End 2023 Phase III for U.S. Tax Reporter
3419714 - TR: Year End 2023 changes to the electronic file formats W-2 and W-2C for Puerto Rico)
3357769 - W-2 / 1099-R Forms, Envelopes and PR Approval letter for year 2023

User Guides and Resources


3368649 - SAP HCM U.S. Tax Reporter Solution Document


2464078 – TR: 1099-R User Guides for HCM US Tax Reporter configuration


2464161 – TR: W-2 User Guides for HCM US Tax Reporter configuration


2463999 – TR: Tax Reporter User Guides for HCM US Tax Reporter configuration
1406971 – FAQ: Troubleshooting PDF Forms in US Tax Reporter
544849 – FAQ: Tax Reporter Note

 In addition, detailed Tax Reporter documentation for EHP8 is available on SAP Help Portal. To get Tax Reporter documentation of an older release click in the portal on SAP ERP HCM, then change the version on the upper right corner, and search for “Tax Reporter (PY-US-TR)”.

KBAs (Knowledge Base Articles)

3081097 – KBAs (Knowledge Base Articles) for Payroll USA
2918093 – After upgrade issue with the position of text and alignment


Annual Limits

3398804 - BEN: Annual limits year 2024
3349693 - BEN: Limits for HSA in tax year 2024
3417661 - GARN: IRS Publication 1494 for tax year 2024


Educational Videos

2480185 – TR: Tax Reporter – Online W-2 Enhancements videos

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