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This is a powerful data migration tool included in the S/4HANA license and it delivers preconfigured content with automated mapping between source and target, this means that if your need matches the migration objects available, you do not have to build a tool from the scratch, it is all ready to use, reducing the effort of your data load team.

But when you run the Migration jobs the below symptoms can occur.

  1. Migration jobs get stuck and running for a long period.

  2. Preparation step has failed with run time errors.

  3. Object is not ready for Import/Processing.

  4. Validation is running for longer period.

This blog will guide you the step by step analysis about what you need to check and make the system to adopt the migration cockpit.


Step 1:Determining the state of the Technical Job Repository.

The Technical Job Repository screen should display one of the following messages:

  • Automatic Job Scheduling is switched off in this system
    Indicates that the Technical Job Repository is deactivated on your system.

  • Automatic Job Scheduling is not active in this client
    Indicates that the Technical Job Repository is activated on your system but deactivated on the client you are logged into.

  • Autom. Job Scheduling available in client, but user is locked
    Indicates that the Technical Job Repository is activated on the system and the client you are logged into, but the step user is locked in transaction SU01. Step user may be a user you previously created and registered, user SAP_SYSTEM or user DDIC.

  • Jobs are automatically scheduled by Technical Job Repository
    Indicates that the Technical Job Repository is activated on the system and the client you are logged into.

For example, It is recommended to have the below Job definitions activated in all the clients (Scope and Job status column should be green) . SJOBREPO - Transaction code.




Step 2:Maintain the step user.

The Technical Job Repository requires a step user, also known as a technical user, to schedule and run technical background jobs. Since step user creation is client-dependent, you should create the step user in every client where the Technical Job Repository is active.The step user is a system user assigned to the profile SAP_ALL. The user DDIC is a service user. For security reasons, you should lock the user SAP_SYSTEM. You can check the same in SJOBREPO_STEPUSER transaction.

Step 3: Run the program /LTB/JOB_DISPATCHER.

Step 4: Implement all corrections.

Follow the blog How to implement the latest corrections released for Migration cockpit | SAP Blogs

Step 5: User authorization.

Make sure that the dialog user(who execute migration) should have the below roles.

  • SAP_CA_DMC_MC_USER (SAP S/4HANA Migration - Data Transfer). This role allows users to start and run such activities.

  • SAP_BR_CONFIG_EXPERT_DATA_MIG (Configuration Expert - Data Migration). This role allows users to open and browse the Migration Cockpit app.