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About Test Automation tool: SAP S/4HANA Cloud provides a test tool that can help customers automate their testing during various phases of the projects and also during quarterly upgrade. This blog will help you to troubleshoot when your test process is not progressing as expected.

To access the application, one of the following roles are required:



Processing of the test case execution can stuck at 0% due to various factors and few causes are listed below and it is the most common occurrences.

1. The credentials maintained for the business user is invalid/expired.

To execute a process step, a business user is required. You can maintain a business user in the Manage User section of the Test Your Processes app.

In Manage Your Test Processes, each process step can have a different role. The role is linked to a business user. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain valid credentials for the business user for the smooth execution of the test process.

You can try resetting the password (Forgot password option) for the business user by in the cloud logon launch pad (refer the below screenshot mentioned in IdP section) and maintain the new password in the Manage User section as explained above.

Also give the email ID in the user name section incase the other combination is not helping to progress the test execution. This case can happen when the user name is not linked in the user profile of IAS tenant for the business user used in the test automation tool.

2. Test Automation tool has been configured with non-SAP IDP.

If your organization has configured a non-SAP Identity Data Provider (IdP) such as Microsoft Azure AD or PingID, configuring conditional authentication is important because the Test Automation tool supports login only with SAP IdP. For a quick verification, you can always open your cloud login page in the web browser using the private window mode (Incognito mode) and see whether the page is re-directing towards any external IdP or not. The below picture depicts the normal SAP IdP login page. You can always make use of conditional authentication incase external IdP has been implemented as per the business needs.

On the Test Your Processes homepage, click the User Settings icon, and select the Maintain URL for authentication button. In the URL field, enter the URL that you have configured for conditional authentication. For information about configuring for conditional authentication, see Configure Conditional Authentication.

The URL has one of the the following forms:

  • https://<tenant ID>.accounts400.ondemand.com/saml2/idp/sso?sp=<application_name>&idp=https://<tenant ID>.accounts400.ondemand.com. Here, <application_name> is the name of your S/4 HANA Q tenant (test/quality system) application, and accounts400 is the IAS tenant that is created for testing systems.

  • https://<tenant ID>.accounts.ondemand.com/saml2/idp/sso?sp=<application_name>&idp=https://<tenant ID>.accounts.ondemand.com, where <application_name> is the name of your S/4 HANA Q tenant (test/quality system) application, and accounts is the IAS tenant that is created for production systems.

    Note: Every S/4 HANA system comes with an SAP Cloud Platform Identity Authentication Service (IAS) system. The IAS system acts as a proxy to delegate authentication to an external corporate identity provider for both custom and system applications.