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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
This is the final blog post under the series Transitioning from SAP GUI to SAP Fiori:  A friendly user SAP Guide and in this one I will be covering the below topics.

  • How do I know what role grants me access to the App?

  • How can I know the functionality behind an App?

The above questions are key to being able to understand the App functionality and for being able to execute them successfully.

How do I know what role grants access to the App

To be able to have access to the App you need to have the role in your user profile.

  1. Open Search on the SAP Fiori Apps library

  2. Type in the search box the name of the SAP GUI transaction code and click <ENTER>

  3. The tool will display all applications that match with the key word that you used in your search.

  4. Select the entry that you want to see to open the details.

In this example, I am choosing the Post G/L Document / Post General Journal Entries App because it is the newest and is has been improved in the latest release.

TIP!  Be aware that SAP Fiori apps does not have a 1 to 1 replacements of SAP GUI transaction. Read the App documentation carefully to be sure that is what you are looking. For more details please see https://blogs.sap.com/2018/04/20/fiori-for-s4hana-top-10-myths-misconceptions-to-avoid/.

5. Select the Implementation Information tab

6. Select the Configuration menu

7. Scroll down until you find the Business Role(s) and copy the role name

8. Add the role into your user profile in SAP GUI and click <SAVE>

TIP! This activity is usually done with transaction SU01 or PFCG. If you do not have authorization your will need to talk to your system administrator for help.

9. Log on to SAP Fiori and the App should be available.

Remember you may need to use the Fiori Search or the App Finder to find the app – not every app appears on the Home PageTIP! You may also need to clear your web browser cache if you were already logged on

 How can I know the functionality behind an App?

  1. Execute steps 1-3 from previous section.

  2. Select the Product Features Tab and scroll down until you find Read More App Documentation.TIP!  You can see a Product Feature summarized version of the App functionality in this tab.

  3. Click the App Documentation link.

The link will open the SAP Help Portal and in here you can find detailed information about the App, like Use, Key features, Navigation Targets, etc

  1. Some apps provide links to additional details or demo videos to help you understand the app – it’s worth checking for these as they are usually very useful.   Go back to the App Details>Product Features screen and scroll down until you find Further assets: P1: Post General Journal Entries (SAP S/4HANA On Premise)

  1. Click the P1: Post General Journal Entries (SAP S/4HANA On Premise)

The link will open a short presentation with slides that show a detailed example on how to use the App.TIP!  This option is not available for all the Apps.

This blog is a compilation of my own journey and experiences and is not intended to be the only or best way to do it.

In summary, you can use these guides to help you to transition to SAP Fiori and hopefully find answers to the most common user questions.  As the old saying goes “Practice makes perfect" so I invite you to practice and be patient with yourself because learning something new takes some time. But when you least expect it you will be a pro in SAP Fiori. Good luck, the exciting world of SAP Fiori awaits you!!

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