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In this post I share thoughts on factors common to success in the cloud.

  1. All in on standardisation from business case to project organisation, only standard S4HC capability is considered; a 'wandering eye' for customisation and bespoke scenarios is engineered out of the approach by design

  2. Cloud mindset seen in everything that happens – from the use of adjacent cloud technology for example SAP Jam, JIRA and MS Teams for collaboration, cloud capability is exploited at every turn. Instead of bad practices managing by spreadsheets and email we see cloud productivity mastery

  3. Rapid adoption of productivity practices – capability designed to drive down the operational burden including test automation tools and knowledge sharing with Customer Community is keenly embraced

  4. Trust in SAP – instead of undertaking customer-specific cyber security testing, confidence is placed in SAP’s leadership in this area

  5. Knowing what to let go of – success in the cloud means some concepts of old and no longer relevant. These include performance tests, exhaustive solution documentation, the imperative of getting it right the first time and investing resources in bespoke capability. Instead, customers masterery means, for example, leaving performance testing to SAP, having faith in the system itself as documentation, embracing the sensibility of continuous improvement and smartly participating in SAP Customer Influence forums to influence product capability

  6. Do you agree or disagree? What did I miss?