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As we approach the final countdown to SapphireNOW 2014, it is with great excitement that the SAP Wholesale Distribution team has been able to collaborate
with marquee customers and partners to provide compelling content for attendees. 



In addition to the Top 10 list below, don't forget to stop by our Wholesale Distribution Expert Table in the Industries Campus to learn more about how you can strengthen customer relationships, process multi-channel offers, and collaborate with customers to optimize inventory and streamline billing and collection activities. Learn how best-run distributors use SAP solutions to achieve excellence in cost recovery and rebates operations and realize accurate customer stratification. 



Stop by our Wholesale Distribution Expert table in the Industries Campus (IN129) for a hands-on demo to learn more about how Smart Vending can help your Distribution business increase revenue and reduce costs. http://sessioncatalog.sapevents.com/go/agendabuilder.sessions/?l=80&sid=14016_0&locale=en_US



#1 National DCP Theater Presentation


Realize Rapid Growth and Operational Excellence in Wholesale Distribution


Support an aggressive growth strategy with enriched interactions and more efficient operations. Find out how National DCP LLC, the exclusive purchasing and distribution entity for Dunkin’ Donuts, uses SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA to keep pace with the ever-expanding doughnut and coffeehouse chain.  http://sessioncatalog.sapevents.com/go/agendabuilder.sessions/?l=80&sid=13986_40503&locale=en_US



#2 Panel Discussion Featuring Graybar


Title: Win Over Savvy and Demanding Customers Through Innovation


Abstract: Stand out in a crowded and highly competitive marketplace to grow retail business profitably. Hear from
industry leaders who are embracing technology innovation to transform their businesses and gain a significant advantage over their competition. http://sessioncatalog.sapevents.com/go/agendabuilder.sessions/?l=80&sid=13988_40488&locale=en_US


#3 Visit the Smart Vending Machine for Wholesale Distribution in the Industries Campus


The flexibility of utilizing on-site Smart Vending solutions includes:

  • Product storage in a secured machine to help control product usage with 24x7 access

  • Inventory tracking accuracy by project or employee

  • Location at the point-of-use

  • Decreased inventory carrying costs for on-hand inventory and eliminating stock-outs

  • Par-level inventory replenishment, only replacing only products that have been used

  • Detailed reporting


#4 Demo Theater:  Automate Your Chargeback Processes in Wholesale Distribution

Put money back into the business by streamlining, formalizing, and automating the chargeback process. Settle paybacks and chargebacks with flexible parameters, and establish a comprehensive audit trail for the chargeback lifecycle to streamline corporate accounting with the SAP Paybacks and Chargebacks application by Vistex.  http://sessioncatalog.sapevents.com/go/agendabuilder.sessions/?l=80&sid=13997_40652&locale=en_US


#5 Demo Theater:  Step into the Future of Omnichannel Engagement in Wholesale Distribution

Deepen engagement with your customers by offering them a single view of the business. Get a comprehensive view of customers, products, and orders. Drive innovation and shape the future of commerce for omni-channel customer engagement.  http://sessioncatalog.sapevents.com/go/agendabuilder.sessions/?l=80&sid=13989_40655&locale=en_US

#6 Demo Theater:  Enhance the Omni channel Experience for Wholesale Distribution Customers

Increase the productivity of sales teams by shifting from servicing existing orders to selling. Rely on a single source of data and one
technology stack to reduce development costs and boost performance and operational efficiency with a best-of-breed e-commerce system. http://sessioncatalog.sapevents.com/go/agendabuilder.sessions/?l=80&sid=13998_40662&locale=en_US


#7 Demo Theater:  Achieve a Total, Real-Time View of Customer Data in Wholesale Distribution

Maximize revenue and margin with decision assistance for sales and marketing across customers, products, and channels. Capitalize on
high-volume, real-time, and predictive segmentation for business-to-consumer customers with the SAP Customer Engagement Intelligence solution. Grow revenue strategically with closed-loop integration and analysis. http://sessioncatalog.sapevents.com/go/agendabuilder.sessions/?l=80&sid=13999_40663&locale=en_US

#8 Microforum:  Bearing Distributors Inc.

Tackle the Multi-channel Commerce Challenge in Wholesale Distribution

This discussion reveals the challenges and opportunities of a multi-channel approach, as well as the forces that impact distributors.
Hear about the multi-channel approach of business-to-business front-runner Bearing Distributors Inc. and how it is working toward a more integrated customer experience using the SAP hybris B2B Commerce solution.  http://sessioncatalog.sapevents.com/go/agendabuilder.sessions/?l=80&sid=14289_40551&locale=en_US


#9 Microforum:  Animal Health, Inc.

Upgrade Access to Vital Information with Real-Time Reporting

This discussion focuses on delivering critical information through a real-time reporting environment. Find out how leading animal health
products distributor Animal Health International Inc. provides self-service access to daily decision-making data for the finance, procurement, sales, and distribution teams with help from the SAP HANA platform.  http://sessioncatalog.sapevents.com/go/agendabuilder.sessions/?l=80&sid=14008_40547&locale=en_US


#10 Microforum:  Charmer-Sunbelt Group



Turn Sales Reps into Trusted Advisors with Enterprise Mobility

This discussion details how predictive analytics can transform sales representatives from transaction takers into reliable, trusted
partners. Learn how the Charmer-Sunbelt Group deployed an enterprise mobility solution to help sales reps recommend products for specific accounts, enhancing the representatives’ experience.  http://sessioncatalog.sapevents.com/go/agendabuilder.sessions/?l=80&sid=14010_40556&locale=en_US



See you next week in Orlando!