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As human beings, we are collectors, receivers, keepers <=> many physical objects. In a nutshell, we are obtaining more and more things. For most of us, this can be confirmed when looking into the shelves in our basements, the boxes in our cupboards, the tools in our garages.

In a way, one could argue that SAP systems also have a 'collectors' attitude - but for digital objects. In most cases, these digital objects represent physical objects.

Let me share some examples:

  • Suppliers

  • Customers

  • Materials

  • Plants

  • Assets

Once such a physical object is converted into a digital object, it becomes a legacy. Something the guys taking care of systems need to take good care of.

As you can imagine, the amount of such digital objects is growing continuously.


Looking back in time, human beings often looked for ways to escape from the 'more and more' mantra, most recently this can be seen in the uprise of 'Tiny Houses'.

  • This is the tiny house promise: 'You just keep what you really need, you reduce your resource consumption, you focus on just what is really valuable.

So in a way : Less is More 🤔

Sounds intriguing, but how does this relate to an S/4HANA Transformation?

Imagine you would design your S/4 HANA Future based on above principal : Less is More, or more precise : The fewer digital objects you move to the new house, the better.

SAP SIGNAVIO offers a unique set of opportunities to 'reduce', in an earlier blog I described how to dust down the document types you may want to retire.

SAP SIGNAVIO Process Insights comes with many Performance Indicators, that take you straight to the point on which digital assets you can leave behind.


  • Obviously, without a customer, there is no business 🤔

  • But only because there is a 'digital customer' in your System does not mean that you are in busines


So how about identifying those customer you want to keep, and to leave all the others behind?


The above list is jolly handy, as you can see the activities each customer has created.

So in order to determine which of these digital assets you want to move to your new 'Tiny House', work this list

  • Eliminate customers created in the past without any sales order ever

  • Eliminate customers with the last order some x years in the past

I would assume, you will only need half the 📦 moving boxes !

Btw, there are many of these usage Indicators in Process Insights 😇

Happier move to your Tiny House S/4HANA System !