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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

1 Purpose

This document is based on a customer specific requirement which was undertaken in a project. It describes the method and process to be followed for posting third party payments to different vendor accounts.

This can be considered if the following are applicable:

  • Wagetype for Third party payments like Bank Loan or LIC will be one where in posting to  finance should happen to different vendor accounts.

2. Abstract

  This document explains the step by step procedure to configure and post Third party Payments

3. Description

The process to address the scenario is as follows:

  • Create a wagetype and assign it to infotype 0057 (Third Party Payments) - Table V_T512Z
  • Create Payee keys based on the requirement – Table V_T521B
  • Write a custom rule to create a split in wagetype which will be based on payee keys. This rule should also place the payee key wise amount in V0 table
  • Assign custom rule to P0057 Function
  • Create a custom table to map Payee Key with symbolic account
  • Assign the symbolic account from custom table to vendor account – Posting to Finance - > Assignment of Vendor accounts
  • Copy BADI SMOD_PCPO0001 and create a custom BADI. Use the Exit EXIT_RPCIPE00_001 to read the custom table

3.0  Create Wagetype and assign to Infotype 0057

3.1      Creation of Payee keys

3.2 Create a Custom Rule and assign it to the function P0057

3.3 Assignment of Custom rule to function P0057

3.4 Create a custom table to map Payee Key with Symbolic Account:

3.5 Assignment of symbolic account to vendor account

3.6  Activate BADI SMOD_PCPO0001

Use the Exit EXIT_RPCIPE00_001 to read the custom table

4     Example

Below is an example for the above configured process:

4.0 Create third party payments to the employee in Infotype 0057 (Third party payments).

Let the wagetype and subtype be same with different payee keys

4.1 Process payroll and observe the split in wagetypes in table V0

4.2 Execute payroll posting program and observe payee key wise posting to different vendor accounts

5. Results

The following are the results from this method.

  1. Number of wagetypes to be created will reduce
  2. FI Posting configuration will be simper and effective

6. Conclusions

It’s simple and easy to address the third party payments effectively with effortless and straight forward solutions.

7. Source

Project experience

  1. Help.sap.com

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