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In Business By-Design many customers have been reporting incidents saying that SAP has wrecked the automatic release functionality of the 3PL outbound deliveries. All the 3PL outbound deliveries created before used to be released automatically provided that the below setting was maintained.

However, now you see that there are outbound deliveries in the system which are not released. Please be assured that we did not wreck the 3PL outbound delivery release setup, but in-fact we have improved up on the previous behavior of the system. Skeptical aren't you ? let me explain with a before and after scenario below.

System behavior before the changes were introduced:

It is true that what ever outbound deliveries got created in the system were released automatically earlier, but the problem was there were a large number of cases where the outbound delivery document itself was not getting created in the system due to errors. When I say errors, it could be due to inventory lock or financial period blocked for posting. What you were left with was a Business Communication Monitor with lot of errors with no outbound delivery document created.

For eg: If your warehouse provided sent you 10 Outbound Delivery Execution Confirmation (ODEC) messages, you would have 5 outbound delivery document created and released, the rest 5 3PL requests will have no outbound delivery created but a BCM monitor with 5 error messages.

System behavior after the changes were introduced:

The system will create outbound deliveries for all the ODEC messages you receive from your 3 PL warehouse provider. This is the major difference in system behavior. . Now, if there is no inventory update errors in the ODEC messages the system will release the outbound delivery automatically. The rest of the outbound deliveries will remain unreleased. One of the major reasons why the outbound delivery document will stay unreleased is because of the infamous "Inventory Lock Error".

In the above situations you had to report an incident to SAP and wait for SAP to manually process the messages. Since the outbound delivery documents has already been created manually in the system you can choose to manually release the outbound delivery document without any errors. if you can afford to wait till the next set of ODEC messages to be sent by your 3PL provider then these outbound delivery document will be released automatically provided that there are no lock errors created by the next set of messages. In most cases the system will automatically take care of the release of outbound delivery.

We have also provided an additional view Delayed Business Object Processing under the Application and User Management work center. The end user can navigate to this view and see all the outbound deliveries which are created and not released automatically released by the system.

You can select the outbound delivery and choose the re-start button once you have fixed the financial period blocked for posting errors or lock error removed.

So in short, outbound delivery documents will be created for all the ODEC messages sent by your warehouse provider, even if there are inventory update errors. The outbound delivery documents which are not released automatically will require your attention since there has been an inventory  error.