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Actually, I didn’t want to talk about the recent economic disruptions in the wake of Covid-19 - again. We all know what is currently going on; we often are affected directly ourselves. No need to explain any further, I guess.

But isn’t it also an economic truth that there are not only risks but also opportunities in every change? Sometimes the way forward not only brings you through a crisis but also has the potential to give you the competitive edge you have been missing since quite a while.

So, I decided to write a blog about a potential silver lining for SMB’s on Forbes.com. It deals with three aspects relevant to many businesses in 2020 and the benefits of introducing cloud ERP:

  1. The rise of a modern approach to work: The crisis has proven; it no longer matters whether employees work in an office building or their home's living room. What does that mean for me as a small and medium size business owner?

  2. Intelligent and satisfying commerce experiences: Same as above, how can I efficiently reach out to customers now that field sales visits are the exception rather than the norm? …and last but not least

  3. The full digitalization of finance: Today, financial resilience matters more than ever. Can cloud ERP be the silver lining that I was talking about in the headline?

Let me know your thoughts: Do you agree that a crisis can sometimes lead to new opportunities, because you are forced to re-think the you are doing business? Is there a silver lining for SMB's?

Any comments welcome 🙂

Thanks & all the best,