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There is nothing quite like the World Cup, just ask ESPN (for those unfamiliar, ESPN is our main sports channel here in the US). The US vs. Germany game last week broke ESPN's record and became its highest ever online viewed match with 3.2 million live unique vie... For those keeping score (and who isn't?), that's more than the most recent Super Bowl! (Sorry, American football.)

Now, of course, these numbers pale in comparison to the number of viewers who watched on TV (10.7 million, impressive for being in the middle of a workday). And then that number pales in comparison to how many are watching the World Cup worldwide (estimated to be in the hundreds of millions). Wow!

And for better or for worse, the question of who's going to win feels so unpredictable. So many teams with so much talent and too many variables to keep track of. Wouldn't it be fun to come up with the unstoppable team? Who would be on this team? Here are a few of my picks:

    • Argentina - Lionel Messi
    • Brazil - Neymar
    • Colombia - James Rodríguez
    • Costa Rica - Keilor Navas
    • France - Karim Benzema
    • Germany - Thomas Müller
    • Germany - Miroslav Klose
    • United States - Fabian Johnson
    • United States - Jermaine Jones
    • Netherlands - Arjen Robben

Now, of course, the dream team listed above is just a compilation of my initial thoughts on the matter. I'm sure you are likely to have your own perspective on this, and the experts would want to chime in as well. The point is, the truly unstoppable dream team would be quite the compilation of picks determined by experts and the community together and then carefully vetted.

You can probably see where I'm going with this... We here on the rapid-deployment solutions (RDS) team like to think of our solutions as the unstoppable dream team of deployment options from SAP. With an implementation methodology designed to maximize predictability through pre-configured software, best practices, and services, deployments are faster and outcomes are more predictable no matter if you choose an on-premise, cloud, or hybrid scenario. And unlike my dream team picks above, each RDS package is put together by a team of experts and goes through quite the testing process.

In case you've missed the most recent announcements around our RDS packages, here are some highlights:

Ready to jump in and see how the RDS methodology works? See below for direct links to the RDS packages highlighted in the above announcements (and quick tip: be sure to enable pop-ups for these urls):

  • SAP Fiori Apps rapid-deployment solution

          (Service Marketplace Page | Direct Download)

  • SAP Fiori Infrastructure rapid-deployment solution

          (Service Marketplace Page | Direct Download)

  • SAPUI5 Design rapid-deployment solution

          (Service Marketplace Page | Direct Download)

  • SAP ERP Foundation Extension rapid-deployment solution

          (Service Marketplace Page | Direct Download)

  • SAP Screen Personas rapid-deployment solution

          (Service Marketplace Page | Direct Download)

  • SAP Work Manager rapid-deployment solution

          (Service Marketplace Page | Direct Download)

  • SAP Mobile Secure rapid-deployment solution

          (Service Marketplace Page | Direct Download)

And remember, just like a how a true World Cup dream team wouldn't be as successful if only put together by the experts, same goes with our RDS packages. We love feedback and love to involve our community. So feel free to share any feedback you have on any of these packages. It helps make our packages all the better.

And if you've made it this far, thanks for reading during the World Cup! Now back to watching football...