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Digital transformation is sweeping businesses - large and small. Old business models are going away. Consumer behavior is changing. The way we hire, train, and use resources is changing. All these changes are leading organizations towards an SAP S/4HANA-centric Intelligent Enterprise model. The Intelligent Enterprise leverages emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, internet of things, and analytics to enable the workforce to focus on higher value outcomes. With so many choices, guidance is critical for ensuring that every digital investment delivers the expected value.

The SAP Transformation Navigator provides that guidance and allows your company to choose the right mix of SAP platforms and solutions to help you transition towards the Intelligent Enterprise. This free self-service assesses your current IT landscape, business strategy, and industry trends, and delivers one comprehensive report, which you can download immediately, containing custom recommendations to realize your digital strategy.

Introducing the SAP Transformation Navigator Quick Tip Video Series

This series of short videos allows you to easily learn the various features and functions of the tool in under 5 minutes. To kick off the series, there are 9 videos which include detailed analysis of the tool’s functions and step-by-step demonstrations, describing how you can use the tool in your company’s digital transformation.

Each video provides a deep dive into one area of the SAP Transformation Navigator.

For detailed learning takeaways for each Quick Tips video, please see below.


VIDEO 1: Motivation and Background

  1. Understand the background and motivation behind why the tool was created;

  2. Leverage the tool to create a clear path for your company to transform to an intelligent enterprise using SAP S/4HANA;

  3. See how your industry peers are using the tool to achieve their business goals.


VIDEO 2: Create a Product Map from Scratch

  1. Understand the value and purpose of Product Maps;

  2. Leverage the tool to create a Product Map from scratch;

  3. See the array of SAP products your company is currently running and what the tool recommends for the future.


VIDEO 3: Create a Product Map from an Industry Template*

  1. Understand the value and purpose of Product Maps;

  2. Leverage the tool to create a Product Map from an existing Industry-focused Template;

  3. Gain a deeper understanding of your company’s industry and the types of solutions your industry peers are utilizing.

*The SAP Transformation Navigator provides Industry-Specific Templates which include a representative set of currently used products, selected capabilities, and value drivers, typically used by a customer within that industry. These templates provide customers with insights into how their industry peers are paving their digital innovation paths, while still being able to chart their own unique journey towards the Intelligent Enterprise.


VIDEO 4: Plan Ahead with the Time Slider

  1. Understand the value and purpose of the Time Slider feature of the tool;

  2. See how the recommendations for your company’s selected products and capabilities changes over time;

  3. Decide when is the right time to start your company’s transformation journey.


VIDEO 5: Extend Your Business with Capabilities

  1. Understand the value and purpose of the Capabilities function of the tool;

  2. Search for new and relevant capabilities to match your company’s evolving needs;

  3. Compare the consolidated and line-by-line view functionality of the tool.


VIDEO 6: Prioritize Your Goals with Value Aspiration

  1. Understand the value and purpose of the Value Aspiration tab of the tool;

  2. Prioritize your company’s aspirations through selecting value drivers;

  3. Build a business case using the SAP Value Lifecycle Manager.


VIDEO 7: Map Out Your Transformation Journey

  1. Understand the value and purpose of the Transformation Journey tab of the tool;

  2. Gain a clear layout of the current products being used, the recommended products, and the type of transition involved in the transformation;

  3. Prioritize the recommended transformations and decide which are most important for your company to first implement.


VIDEO 8: Create Customer Output Documents

  1. Download three types of output documents in various format: Business, Technical, and Transformation;

  2. Dive into the Business Guide, which focuses on your company’s capabilities, value drivers, aspiration ranges, and KPIs;

  3. Dive into the Technical Guide which provides your company’s industry reference map, product recommendations, and decision points;

  4. Dive into the Transformation Guide which shows your company’s transition heat map, license policies, and services.


VIDEO 9: Collaborate with Your Colleagues

  1. Understand the value and purpose of the Collaboration tab of the tool;

  2. Collaborate with your SAP team, colleagues and any individual with an S-User ID to create a Product Map;

  3. Explore the What’s New Page, FAQ Document, and Glossary.


What’s Next for the SAP Transformation Navigator

Please stay tuned for the following:

  • We are already creating additional Quick Tips Videos focusing on the following features:

    • Product Details

    • Usage Data

  • New tool features and functions will be rolled out in the near future, including:

    • Business Capability Model: “How can I easily map my business needs to SAP solutions?”

    • Value Maps: “What solutions and innovations should I be adopting to gain a competitive advantage in my industry?”

    • Leonardo Scenarios: “How can I optimize, extend, and transform my business with Leonardo technologies?”

  • Watch for upcoming blog posts, including:

    • Highlights of the presence of the SAP Transformation Navigator and official SAP Road Maps at the global TechEd conferences, DSAG annual conference, and VNSG annual conference

    • Summary of new content, features, and functions, as they are released.


Please visit the SAP Transformation Navigator website for additional information.

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